Millwall will "rehabilitate" young fan after Sordell abuse

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MILLWALL have announced that they have banned a 13-year-old boy from The Den for "the foreseeable future" after admitting verbally abusing Bolton striker Marvin Sordell.

Sordell took to Twitter after the Lions' 2-1 win over the Trotters on October 6 to allege that he and three other teammates had been the subject of racist jibes while they were warming up on the touchline.

The England U21 international's comments triggered a Football Association investigation, which concluded on Wednesday, and resulted in a ban for the teenage fan.

However, in a statement, the Lions added that "given the boy's age and background, we felt we had a duty to play our part in attempting to educate and rehabilitate him.

"Accordingly, we have offered to put him through one of our education programmes, run by Millwall for All in the hope that we can change his outlook on equality, racism and life in general."

The boy in question has now written a letter of apology to Sordell, which has been since been accepted. However, Millwall once again reiterated their dismay at media coverage of recent events.

They added: "We would also like to put on record how disappointed everybody at Millwall FC was in the way in which the initial allegations were reported in some sections of the media.

"These reports were made with no knowledge of the facts and created the impression that Bolton players were subjected to racial chanting or systematic abuse by more than one individual.

"We trust that, now the facts have emerged, certain individuals will reflect on the reports they made."

The Football Association added that they "fully support Millwall’s approach in terms of dealing with the young individual responsible through a ban from the club's matches for the foreseeable future as well as offering him a place on one of its education programmes."



2 thoughts on “Millwall will "rehabilitate" young fan after Sordell abuse

  • November 7, 2012 at 13:12

    Well done for handling this situation so positively. This reminds my why I am a Millwall supporter!

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  • November 7, 2012 at 14:38

    Perhaps young Sordell needs to be reigned in as well after all he cannot use the excuse that he was only 13 can he. He should have made it clear on his Tweet that he had been abused by a juvenille and that it had caused him great presonal distress. If it where my lad he would have got a good talking too, after all boys do stupid things don't they? .

    Well done Mr Berrylson and the club for being the mature grown up sensible adults in this sorry tale. Unlike the BBC , Sky and the papers particularly the Independent who wanted to have this young boy hanged.

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