Millwall chairman wants players to be banned from Twitter

© Edmund Boyden

MILLWALL chairman Berylson says he would support a blanket ban on footballers using Twitter – arguing social networks "just cause problems".

Berylson believes players should be fined if they carry on using the service and dismissed claims that a ban would limit freedom of speech.

In October, Bolton striker Marvin Sordell used Twitter to allege he was racially abused at The Den and the Lions subsequently claimed they had been "found guilty in the court of public opinion."

"I think any player who tweets ought to be fined," Berylson told Lions Live. "Even if he's saying 'hello' to his mother.

"If you argue that's stopping freedom of speech, then you're saying anybody can say anything; four-letter words, whatever it is.

"You don't allow that already. So the truth is freedom of speech has been curtailed already.

"In the NFL, we outlawed helmet-to-helmet hits that injured players and it stopped. You can make the rules as you want.

"In this case we have an issue with people's mouths. Sometimes, you have to find a way to shut people's mouths.

"Stopping tweets would be a step in the right direction. It ought not be allowed. It just causes problems. The best way to stop it is to fine them."



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