Brighton boss Poyet furious at Millwall fixture change

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BRIGHTON boss Guys Poyet says it is "embarrassing" that his side's fixture against Millwall, originally scheduled for Boxing Day, has been brought forward by eight days.

The Football League agreed to the date change after the Seagulls raised concerns that fans would not be able to travel to The Amex Stadium safely on a limited public transport service.

"It's absolutely embarrassing," Poyet told The Argus. "Every single person in this country convinced that Boxing Day is the most important date in football.

"Somehow we are not able to play and it shows it depends who it suits. If it suits the fans, everyone would say we should play, if it doesn't suit the bus drivers or trains or whatever it is, we cannot play.

"So, at the end of the day, from my point of view, it's once more people picking and choosing what is good for themselves and not what is good for football or the country, for history.

"It's very individual, really, really selfish, I would say. From 1997, when I came to England, people say you have to play on Boxing Day."



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