Millwall would like to keep Bart Bialkwoski beyond summer – with keeper also eyeing long-term stay

GARY Rowett hopes Bart Bialkowski will still be with Millwall beyond next summer.

Bialkowski is on a season-long loan from Ipswich, but the terms of the arrangement meant that his parent club could have accepted bids from other clubs for the Poland international – that clause has now expired.

Speaking on Tuesday, Rowett said: “It’s one where there’s a window for Ipswich to do something. If that window passes then he’s on loan with us until the end of the season unless anything happens.

“Should the club be in a position to do something different than that then it’s a question down the line. At the minute, until we’re told anything by Ipswich, then it’s not really a massive issue.

“The player is happy and could see himself potentially staying here for longer. But again that’s something for the club to look at and decide and for both clubs to sort out rather than for me to get too involved in at this stage.”

Rowett said the recruitment department has a number of targets if a new goalkeeper is needed in this window.

“We have a list for every position, a list of about six or seven players should injuries or anything else arise,” Rowett said.

“Those things are covered, that’s not necessarily a massive problem. Would we like Bart to stay for the rest of the season? Of course we would. Would we like him to stay longer? Yes, because his performances have been really good.

“But I don’t want to get into those details too much at the moment.”

Meanwhile Millwall are hoping to add at least two players to their squad this month. Rowett is an admirer of Jack Clarke, who returned to Tottenham after just one appearance this season at Leeds, the club that sold him to Spurs last summer for £10million.

Rowett said the Lions have “some good targets”.

“There are a lot of players out there that we can see might improve us in a different way and add to the group,” Rowett added.

“I’d love to give more information to everyone to keep them in the loop but it always sounds disrespectful when you’re talking about other teams’ players.

“We’ve got some good targets, some targets that are going to be difficult to do for different reasons. But our ambition is to bring a couple of players in that can make the team or the squad better.

“Whether we can manage to do that could come down to a lot of factors.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly