Millwall's Rowett on potential January transfer plans

GARY Rowett is pleased with the character of the Millwall squad – but could make January additions to fit a different style of play.

Rowett said he wanted to put his own "stamp" on the side before he has the opportunity to sign new players when the next window opens on January 1.

Millwall have a relatively small playing squad compared to most Championship clubs.

"You want to go in and get to know the group," Rowett said. "I'm not a big fan of talking about starting with a clean slate, I think when you've been around the Championship for a while you always have that opinion on players. But sometimes you could have got that opinion wrong when you get to know them as characters and people when you're working closely with them.

"It's such a strong group in terms of their mentality and attitude. Everybody has echoed that over the first few days, that's been the thing that stands out like a beacon.

"You're not going have to get these players to work hard and have the desire to do well, because you can see it already.

"The training [Thursday] was probably as good as anywhere I've been in terms of the application and the quality at times.

"As a manager you're always looking ahead. That's the first time you can change things. But initially I want to put my stamp on it with the players we've got and hopefully we'll be in such a good position we'll be looking at January and saying we don't need to do anything because the players have shown what they've got.

"But if you're going to play a slightly different way you're always going to look at one or two additions to that."

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly