Axeing Jackett would be suicide

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MILLWALL fans have always been in touch with their roots, aware of their history and protective of their values.

Disgusted by the commercialisation of English football and resolutely opposed to the plasticisation of supporters across the land, Lions fans pride themselves on being a dying breed.

While other clubs have succumbed to the financial lures of the prawn sandwich brigade, Millwall are stubbornly stuck in their ways. And proud of it.

And yet, a worrying trait has begun to appear in some of our supporters. They want it both ways.

They long for the battle-worn underdog of Millwall of old, and yet are hysterical at the prospect of relegation back to League One, where arguably the club truly belongs.

Sack the manager. Sack the board.

These are demands from fans who have become spoiled. Kenny Jackett's tenure at The Den has been so successful, that many, perhaps understandably, have forgotten what it's like to be down in the gutter.

But isn't that exactly where Millwall fostered its very identity? The one we are all so proud of?

Reports yesterday claiming Roy Keane was on the verge of replacing Jackett were, for the most part, met with derision. And rightly so. For so many reasons.

First of all, it's not true. If there was one grain of credence in those reports, Jackett would walk away immediately. But chairman John Berylson has far, far too much respect for his manager to ever go behind his back like that.

But Keane would be such a catastrophic appointment that I cannot even begin to find the words to explain why. Incredibly, there were some who would welcome him with open arms. Others want Neil Warnock.

Jackett deserves better than that from the fans. The man has single-handedly rebuilt this club from the ashes. To plot his departure and subsequent replacement is abhorrent to say the least.

And Keane? Warnock? These are managers who love a £1million transfer. They may have a bit more about them, in terms of character, than Jackett, but they too have been spoiled throughout their careers – and they would blame everyone but themselves when it all went wrong.

Be careful what you wish for. I fear some Millwall fans won't truly appreciate Jackett until he's gone. Expectations need to be reined in, a few reality checks are in order.

This is Millwall. Championship football is a blessing. Mistakes have been made this season, there's no doubting that.

But it's time to accept our lot and get behind the manager.



2 thoughts on “Axeing Jackett would be suicide

  • February 6, 2012 at 16:42


    First of all congratulations on an excellent website where a wide range of views are encouraged.

    I have to say I disagree with you about sacking Kenny Jackett, let me explain why.

    First of all, I am not saying for one minute that he is a bad manager, he has done a great job in getting the club into The Championship. I also think he comes across as a genuinly decent bloke, but, rather like an Andy Frampton I am not convinced he is Championship material. His transfer dealings in the summer were wrong. I am fully aware that just because we got x million from Norwich that we had all that money to spend but surely with the wages we spent on N'Guessen, Simpson and various loanees we could have got another Morrison, by which I mean someone who is scoring goals in lower leagues rather than players who could get in teams who finished below us or have no real scoring record. This meant that we struggled in the first half of the season and are playing catch up. We always seem to miss out of players sometimes to clubs seemingly in no better financial position than us.

    Tactically we have been poor. Bar a few exceptions our basic aim seems to be to play direct up to Henderson and hope this works, when it doesn't there is no plan B. We lack width especially on the left and the promising first few performances from Feeney have been snuffed out after other managers watched us and decided to double mark him. Lots of goals come from crosses and by not having that width we cut down on these. Jackett does not seem to have the ability to change things unlike other managers. Surely after over half the season the manager must have some idea about his best team???

    You probably hear more than most but we seem to be lacking passion this season. In every office people fall out but there seem to be players out in the cold under Jackett more this season. Henry is in and out, McQuiod unbelievably has gone to another club in our league on loan, Bouazza has also allegedly fallen out with Jackett. Craig was sent out on loan after being one of our betters players last season and more importantly a leader, something we are sorely lacking.

    As to a replacement, I would like to see Warnock although he is a marmite manager, he has done well on limited funds at other clubs, other than that Dave Jones, Billy Davis or Sean O'Driscoll would be good, all of them have a track record in this league.

    In closing, I have fond memories of KJ and will always be grateful for what he has done but relegation would be a financial disaster and football is a results based business not a sentimental one and I just cannot see us getting the 21 plus points that we need to stay up if Jackett stays. I write this comment with a very heavy heart and would be delighted to be proved wrong come May

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    • February 8, 2012 at 13:49

      I'd have to say I am inclined to agree with everything arm119 says, particularly regarding the lack of a plan b and putting players on the naughty step. However I don't think the club will sack KJ nor will he resign.
      The question that comes to my mind is what happens if we do stay up? If in May there are three sides worse than us it won't change the fact Jacket has demonstrated many, many short-comings this season, just make them less costly. If this is the case we will start next season with Jacket in charge and I am just not convinced he has the capacity to change all that much.
      I don't believe in change for the sake of it, and I do not advocate the sacking of KJ this term - but I would like the club to take a pragmatic decision about the long-term development of the club and bring in someone to take us on to the next level (not necessarily promotion contenders but maybe a little more Swansea-esque). Just not Keane or Warnock.

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