Millwall working hard on flaw from last season

MURRAY Wallace believes Millwall are more “disciplined” this season and the defence have been working hard to ensure they don’t concede late goals.

Last season the Lions let in six goals after the 75th minute of games in the first two months of the campaign, and it was a problem that they struggled to solve.

Millwall have added to their analysis team this season and have more monitors in their team meetings for individual units in the side, such as defence, midfield.

Wallace also said club captain Alex Pearce is a “massive” influence at the training ground.

“The changes in the squad have freshened it up a little bit,” Wallace said. “I think we’ve improved not just on the training pitch but with discipline and things like that. In training I feel like we’re a bit more intense, tempo has gone up.

“It’s a really good environment.

“[Pearce] is a massive driver of it. He gets us going every session. Sometimes you come in after games a bit tired and sluggish but he really gets the lads going.”

“[Conceding late] was a bit of an issue for us last year. Maybe it came down to tiredness, fatigue. We’ve had a lot of help with the nutritionist and on the fitness side of things to help us where we don’t stop playing at 80 minutes, we keep going for the full game.

“Coaches like Ads [Adam Barrett] help, we did lots of defensive work over the closed season. We’ve just raised the standards in everything and it’s pushed us on to be a better group.

“We do a lot of work behind the scenes and we get a lot of information on the opposition going into games. We’re more prepared on the opposition and how we’re going to play.

“If you look back to last season we were really disappointed with it, with our overall performance. I think everyone’s come back throughout pre-season trying to prove a point and show we want to make an impact this season.”

Image: Millwall FC