Millwall won't compromise aggressive approach despite risk of Fulham theatrics

MILLWALL boss Neil Harris has promised his side will be “tough and aggressive” as they aim to continue their unbeaten start to the season when they travel to Fulham on Wednesday evening.

Harris said the Lions wouldn’t change their approach in west London against Scott Parker's side.

Aleksander Mitrovic was roundly criticised for feigning injury at Huddersfield last Friday. The striker clutched his face in an attempt to get Rajiv van La Parra sent off in Fulham’s 2-1 win but he escaped sanction.

Harris didn’t pick out Mitrovic for criticism when asked about the incident this week, but wants tougher sanctions for players who try to con the referee.

“We don’t compromise in what we do,” Harris said. “We didn’t get many red cards last year and bookings, compared to many teams. But we are very tough and aggressive in our approach, and that won’t change.

“It’s certainly not Mitrovic or Fulham, this is an English football problem. Play-acting, diving, conning, cheating, whatever word you want to use, is not punished a lot times or punished with a yellow card during the game.

“What you’re doing is encouraging someone who’s cheated once to do it again next game. I’d support [Burnley boss] Sean Dyche’s comments after the game at the weekend [against Arsenal], let’s stamp it out.

“We’re trying to evolve the game, make it quicker, we’re trying to set examples. Jed [Wallace] has got a red card at the weekend for a late tackle. That’s the rule, that’s fine. We’re not moaning and I haven’t come out and complained about the referee or the governing bodies.

“We’re trying to show morally to youngsters coming through and grassroots football what’s right and what’s wrong. You can’t make those challenges anymore or use violent conduct. But diving and feigning injury, that’s alright? How does that help officials, how does that help parents, how does it help kids on Saturday mornings in junior games?

“We’ve really got to look at that one. We’ve got a beautiful game, the best league in the world, let’s stamp this out.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly