'The gloves are off' – Millwall's Neil Harris on opening up after safety secured

NEIL Harris insisted the message was “loud and clear” – a lot is going to change at Millwall this summer.

Harris said “the gloves are off” after the last game of the season at Wigan last weekend, and that he has had honest conversations with players over their futures.

There are decisions to be made over a number of others, while the recruitment department compiles a list of targets.

Harris said last week the club needs to invest this summer after a 21st-place finish in the Championship.

“It’s not just about spending money, it’s about understanding that I need to move players on and I need to bring players in,” Harris said.

“The chairman’s been hugely supportive of my time in charge and supportive of managers prior to me, so that’s not going to change.

“The message I put out loud and clear [last week] was a message to the fan base, really, to say, I’m not stupid, I know it needs to change. I know how it needs to change. Just because I hadn’t come out and said it doesn’t mean I didn’t know it.

“But I’ve supported my players at a critical time to make sure they had every confidence going into games.

“The gloves are off now. That’s going to change, and I’ve told the players, individually. What they do know is that I speak big words in here [press conference], and honesty in here, but I’ll also tell them to their face as well.

“Players will move on, but it won’t happen overnight for some of them. Some might have to go through the transfer window and wait until August.

“If not, then the desire is if they’re here they’re here – but we’re going to bring in better players.”

John Kelly