Millwall boss on late goals conceded – almost 30 per cent after 80th minute

NEIL Harris believes physical fatigue is not a factor in Millwall conceding late goals – but mental fatigue could be.

The Lions conceded a winner to Leeds in the 83rd minute last Saturday – the 17th league goal they have shipped after the 80th minute in games this season.

That’s almost 30 per cent of their total, and has cost them 15 points in this campaign.

Harris stressed fitness is not an issue.

“It certainly shouldn’t be fatigue, but whether it’s tired minds, that’s different,” Harris said.

“It won’t be tired legs, sports science plays a huge part at our football club as it does across world football these days.

“We know where the players are at stats-wise, minutes-wise, training-wise. It’s not fatigue in the legs.

“How do you define human error in any industry? We gave a poor second goal away, even if you have to give credit to Leeds and the way they play. They and Norwich are teams that create unbelievable amounts of chances. They score a lot of goals.

“My players can only perform to the best of their ability and you rely on not making mistakes. Unfortunately for the second goal we made an error.”

There were some unsavoury scenes when the Lions scored their second, with several objects including coins and bottles thrown from the stands.

“We want a safe environment for the players,” Harris added. “We understand banter and fans having a pop at players, but it’s a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed.

“We’ve seen it recently with racism, the attack on Jack Grealish and obviously the coin-throwing incident. It’s not just Leeds fans.

“The atmosphere at the weekend was the best I’ve played in.

“It’s not just about Leeds at the weekend, it’s about the bigger picture. Society’s just got to tidy up. It always comes to the forefront in football matches but there’s not a great deal football clubs can do about it. People have to look at themselves and make sure they are toeing the line.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly