Millwall's Jed Wallace wants to 'put the record straight' after Middlesbrough's bid for him

JED Wallace has admitted he was “amazed” that his commitment to Millwall was questioned after the club turned down a bid from Middlesbrough for him in August.

Speaking to NewsAtDen earlier this week, Wallace hoped to “put the record straight” as he said: “I love playing for this club."

Wallace, 24, confirmed that commitment last week when he signed a new long-term Lions contract.

Wallace felt that following the club knocking back Boro’s attempts to sign him, some people put “two and two together” after his form dipped.

“I’ve got a great relationship with the manager,” Wallace said. “When I was at Wolves, for example, you don’t really speak to anyone, you just get told [about a bid]. I was in with the manager [Neil Harris], speaking with the manager, and for all the fans knew I might have been in there saying I didn’t want to leave. No one knows that, but then I have two or three bad games and people are questioning my commitment to the club, which, to be honest, surprised me after the fact that I have joined this club three times.

“People start questioning my commitment, which amazed me, but I think now this will put the record straight. I don’t know if people put two and two together but I’ve never once said to anyone anywhere that I wanted to leave. I’ve always maintained that I love playing for this club, and that’s it.

“I feel like I have put the record straight now.”

Millwall’s current policy is not to disclose the length of player contracts, but the new deal will run beyond the summer of 2020 when his previous agreement was due to end. The club will also have an option to extend his current contract.

“We’d been talking for a while,” Wallace explained. “Obviously a few things went on in the summer and the club made it clear that they didn’t want to lose me at any price.

“I’ve always maintained it’s not about what I’m earning, it’s the ambition of where the club want to go. I’ve always said that if this manager was in charge the club would be moving in the right direction.

“It’s something I want to be part of. There are a lot of pros to it. I know the fan base well, I have a nine-month-old baby and my missus is pregnant again. Being close to my mum and dad is a big thing as well.

“It felt right, and I’ve loved every minute I’ve been here so why wouldn’t I want to stay.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly