Millwall's Harris explains why he's not concerned despite being in bottom three

MILLWALL’S position in the relegation zone does not worry Neil Harris ahead of the visit of Wigan Athletic to The Den on Tuesday night.

The Lions have won just two games out of 13 in the league this season and have 10 points, one more than Hull and Ipswich below them.

Paul Cook's Wigan are eighth after defeated West Brom 1-0 at the weekend.

Harris was asked on Monday if he was concerned with his side’s slow start.

“No, that’s not how I operate and that’s not how we operate as a club,” he said. “I’d be more agitated and disappointed with my group if we hadn’t played well. We thought we were coming out the other side on the back of Forest and Villa, but the warning should have been from Forest that they had three shots and scored two goals. Villa had one shot and scored. We go to Reading, they have four shots and score three goals.

“The warning is still there for us. We have to have a clean-sheet mentality. It has to be better, and that’s the whole football club, not just defenders on the pitch.

“As in worried about anything else, no, because the performances have been outstanding. Would I rather have been Paul Clement there on Saturday saying to me, ‘you were unlucky today’? Yeah I’d rather be Paul Clement, with three points, but I have to take the positives and the positives were that we dominated the game.”

Millwall have seen three penalties given against them in their last four league games, with huge doubts about the referees’ decisions for all three.

Harris said: “At the moment they’re getting things wrong for us and it’s tough to take because it’s affecting results on the pitch. The decision at the weekend for the penalty was a complete momentum swinger for the stadium.

“We’re getting a run of decisions against us. You go through the right channels. I don’t get myself in trouble by saying too much to [the media] because that doesn’t help anybody. As a club at the moment we’re hurting because we feel very aggrieved by decisions going against us.

“We found ourselves in the same situation last year when we were on the wrong end of a hell of a lot of decisions. The second half of the season went better for us and we won more games. That allows us to live in hope that things will start going for us. Will it even itself out? No, of course it won’t. The ones that have gone against us already, the amount of them, is ridiculous. I can’t imagine in a million years it’ll even out.”

Image: Millwall FC

John Kelly