Harris on Millwall match-winner Elliott: 'It takes time to get to grips with what we do'

NEIL Harris insisted Millwall would not be getting “carried away” with their win over Aston Villa on Saturday, their first in the league in nine games.

Harris said goal scorers Shane Ferguson and Tom Elliott were “outstanding” after coming from “out in the cold”.

Ferguson has a goal and an assist in the last two games. Elliott scored in the league at The Den for the first time in over a year, with Harris saying it sometimes takes players time to “get to grips” with the side’s style of play.

Millwall are working at their training ground ahead of a trip to Reading after the international break.

“We’ve had one win, we’re not getting carried away,” Harris said. “I’m not going to criticise people for being negative towards my group, and then us getting carried away after two good performances. We’ve got to prove ourselves over a period of time.

“Individually the players want to improve, and they have improved. Sometimes it does take time and it doesn’t happen overnight. If it takes a season for a player to get to grips with what we do and what’s expected, then it takes a season. If it takes three weeks then great.

“We’re not playing at an easy level, Championship football. Look at the squads we’re up against, look at the Villa bench at the weekend. Reading are below us in the league and we play them in 10 days, look at the squad they’ve got.

“It’s not easy and you have to be consistent with your performances. I thought people like Tom Elliott and Shane Ferguson, people that came into the team from a little bit out in the cold, were outstanding for the last two games. That’s their high standards and they’ve got to keep to those standards.”

Harris was shown congratulating all of his players when they were coming off the pitch after their 2-1 win over Villa.

He said: “It’s fine for me to criticise my players but then you always have to make sure that you embrace good performances. You certainly reward performances that gravitate from demands from me.

“If I ask players to perform in a certain way and they deliver then that’s all I can ask for. That was all the players at the weekend, I thought it was a really strong performance from the group and individually. That was built off strong individual performances at Forest.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly