Millwall to hold Cahill talks after Australia veteran's potential fourth World Cup campaign

NEIL Harris hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of Tim Cahill being with the club next season.

Cahill signed a short-term deal with the Lions in January and Harris hinted that even if he doesn’t extend his playing career in south Bermondsey he could have a future role with the club.

Cahill, 38, is targeting appearing in a fourth World Cup tournament with Australia this summer.

“If I was the Australian manager, he'd be the first name in the squad list because of what he brings off the pitch as well as on it,” Harris told the club’s official website.

"How we've left it is that he's got a World Cup to hopefully go and prepare for and then he's got to think about what the bigger picture holds for him. What we have to remember is that his family are from Australia, live in New York and he's in London. That's not an easy relationship to have.

"We've left it open. Do I expect to see Tim Cahill come back and play for us next year? I'll be surprised, I've got to be honest. But I would never rule anything out. Our relationship is really strong, I've loved having him here. Will he be back in the future working? That's a possibility as well.

"What I do know with Tim is that he is in great physical condition, top, top shape. He's an excellent character in the dressing room and has a lot to offer in football around the world.

Whether he wants to go and play 90 minutes every week or whether he wants to be part of a group where he can have an input as an impact sub or in the dressing room then he'll have a lot to offer at various clubs around the world as well.

"It's an ongoing conversation, but probably not one that's going to take place between me and Timmy until well after the World Cup."

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly