Millwall in season-high league position – but Harris demands more

MILLWALL boss Neil Harris revealed he told his players he wants them to improve their 11th-place position in the Championship table after their 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday.

The Lions are in their highest league position this season, though results on Wednesday night could see them drop back to 14th.

Five of Millwall’s next six games are against sides currently below them in the table, potentially giving them the chance to move further up the division.

“What we’ve done being 33 games in is shown ourselves to be competitive at this level, shown ourselves to be as good a squad as a lot of expensively assembled squads,” Harris said.

“We should all be proud at the moment of where we are in the division. Being above Sheffield Wednesday, even with their injuries, being above Leeds, Norwich, Ipswich, albeit maybe only for 24 hours, Sunderland, Hull, Birmingham, Reading – they are all massive clubs.

“But sometimes they are only big clubs by name, by budgets, but not by squads. I’ve got a group of players that are hungry, want to be in the team, want to be in the Championship. At the moment they deserve to be there and be where they are in the league.

“We’ve worked extremely hard in the last three years to get to where we are. We’re not going to throw it away by sitting here and saying how well we’ve done. It’s about moving forward.

“I said to the players, ‘I’m really proud of you, you’re in 11th place in the league – but I expect more’. And I do expect more. You guys who watch us every week know we could be better. We’ve left so many points behind us, teams that beat us that never deserved to beat us this year.

“We’ve got to prove by the end of the season that the teams that beat us we were able to go back and beat them. We’ve got to carry on amassing points as quickly as possible.

“I’ve got to be honest, my sole aim at the start of the season was to get to 50 points. We’re on 45 so we’ve got to go and pick up five points from the last 13 games.”

Image: Millwall FC

John Kelly