Berylson: Attendances must improve

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CHAIRMAN John Berylson has warned that attendances at The Den must improve if Millwall are to maintain their Championship status.

The Lions supremo is concerned that current gates will not sustain the spending required for the club to compete in the second tier – and wants to see an extra 2,000 fans through the turnstiles each week.

In a letter to season ticket holders, Berylson asked supporters to bring a friend along to home matches.

"I have backed the manager in the transfer window, now I really need our hard pressed supporters to do the same," he said.

"We are running at a loss. We have to compete with bigger clubs with bigger attendances and we cannot sustain that in the challenging seasons ahead on current gates.

"These signings [of Shane Lowry and Andy Keogh] will not damage the club. We are taking a calculated risk to make sure we stay up, but this level of investment cannot carry on if crowds at The Den do not rise.

"I really appreciate and respect the fans who come every single week, in freezing weather like they did for the Watford game, when times are tough financially – only to be disappointed by a poor performance. If those fans can grab a friend on your way here in the future, it would really help.

"Otherwise the club will become too much of a drain on the resources of the board and the existing fans to sustain us in the Championship. Only more supporters coming through the turnstiles can do that."

Average attendances at The Den so-far this season are down from 12,438 last season to 11,336.



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