Millwall striker not worried about future – only about cementing Championship place

STEVE Morison isn’t putting an age on when he will hang up his boots – saying he will keep playing as long as he is positively contributing on the pitch.

Morison triggered a year’s extension in his contract when he made his 20th league appearance of the season against Aston Villa recently.

Morison, 34, has missed just one Championship game this campaign, after playing 107 times in all competitions the two previous seasons.

The Lions’ on-field skipper joked that his current contract mentioned the average retirement age of a football is 35, and Millwall under Neil Harris have a policy of offering only one-year contracts to players aged 30 or over.

And he revealed he was asked by someone at the training ground this week how long he thought he could play.

Morison responded: “I said I don’t know what you’re supposed to feel, are you supposed to wake up one day and just think, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’?

“But like everyone you have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. I don’t know, I’ve always said if I’m still contributing I want to be involved.

“I feel great, I’m playing the games, I’m not missing any training sessions. I’m doing what’s asked of me when I’m asked by the manager. While I’m playing and we’re winning games then people don’t need to ask too many questions.

“There’s a line at the bottom of the contract, where it says ‘average retirement age is 35’. It was something I noticed when we were doing the contract and I thought it was quite funny. I was wondering if it was in everyone’s, and apparently it is.”

Morison’s current deal does not contain another appearance clause.

“Once you get over that age [35] you have to see how you’re playing and how your body is,” Morison said. “If you’re scoring goals and playing well it’s a no-brainer, you get a contract sorted out.

“But it’s not something I need to overly worry about right now. We just need to worry about continuing our good form and cementing our place in the Championship.”

Image: Millwall FC

John Kelly