Millwall believe Lewisham set to reintroduce CPO

MILLWALL CEO Steve Kavanagh has revealed the club have information that leads them to believe that Lewisham council is set to reintroduce compulsory purchase orders on land around The Den. 

The process appeared to be halted earlier this year after a vote on the CPO was postponed. An independent inquiry since found no evidence of impropriety by the council, following an examination of evidence by Lord Dyson.

Millwall chairman John Berylson has since written to Lord Dyson raising a number of concerns in relation to the report, but has not received a reply.

Writing in the club's match programme ahead of Millwall's clash with Middlesbrough at The Den on Saturday, Kavanagh highlighted how real the threat of the land grab is.

"Regrettably it appears clear, on the back of information we have received, that Lewisham council intend to reintroduce the compulsory purchase orders which were supposedly shelved roughly 12 months ago," Kavanagh said. "That is despite Lewisham Labour's elected mayoral candidate, Damien Egan, stating publicly how he would be against the move.

"The possibility of Millwall Football Club being forced to relocate is of course frightening, but it is also very real. Clearly this is a worst-case scenario, but we want to be clear to our supporters about just how big a threat our local authority is presenting us with."

Kavanagh added: "The board of directors and indeed everyone connected with Millwall have been energised by, and are truly grateful for, the organic campaigning against the entire CPO initiative.

"There is no doubt that the efforts of our fans to protest against something clearly wrong has helped to strengthen the club's position and also brought attention to the story both domestically and internationally."

"It is a huge shame to have to say this, but in light of recent events and information which has come to light, we now need that incredible level of support once again, not just from our own fan base but also from the wider football family."

Image: Millwall FC 


John Kelly