Millwall chairman jets in for AGM – with Lewisham saga top of the agenda

JOHN Berylson will address Millwall shareholders at the club’s AGM on Friday and is expected to focus on the latest developments in the Lewisham CPO saga.

Lions chairman Berylson released a statement this week following Lord Dyson’s finding of no impropriety by Lewisham Council in relation to the scheme.

Among a number of issues raised, Berylson questioned why Lord Dyson had ignored evidence provided by the club while publishing evidence provided by other sources without giving Millwall the opportunity to comment.

For the first time, Berylson also admitted Millwall were considering alternative locations should the club be forced to move from south Bermondsey.

“While I should emphasise that this is emphatically not our preferred option,” the statement read, “I must confirm that we are obliged to give this our full consideration and have already taken steps to investigate alternative sites with relevant third parties.

“It will be extremely difficult to see a long term future in a borough where our local authority is unhelpful and hostile to us and where a property developer has preferential treatment and seems intent on acting against our best interests.”

Berylson confirmed the Millwall Community Trust would be part of any move.

The statement finished: “After the bulldozers and the builders have gone, I hope that Millwall Football Club will still be at the heart of this community. However, that requires Lewisham Council to act as it speaks and work with the borough’s long established Football Club to provide the regeneration the area needs.”

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly