Millwall winger sets points target for survival

JED WALLACE believes Millwall need 55 points for survival this season – but stressed they have to show more "ruthless quality" to reach that target.

The Lions currently have 23 points from 21 games and if they were to continue at that rate would finish on 50 points.

That would not have been good enough to avoid relegation last season, but would have ensured safety the three seasons before that. Millwall got 56 points in the 2012-13 Championship season to finish 20th and 48 the following season for 19th place. The Lions were relegated in 2014-15 with 41 points.

Wallace believes Millwall are currently in a "false position" based on the quality of their performances.

"I just want to get to the 55-point mark as quickly as possible," Wallace said. "That's what I thought it would take in June when the fixtures came out. That's the going rate, looking back on the last few years. It's going to be around that.

"I feel frustrated with our league position because we're so much better. We're in a false position when you look at shots on target and how many goals we have conceded. We've been a little bit unfortunate.

"But these things always equal out. It's down to the players, nothing to do with the manager, to make that final quality pass, myself included. We need that killer pass in the right area and show that ruthless quality that we've not shown enough this season.

"When that does come, as we know it can and we saw against Sheffield United, I'm sure we'll start to climb the table."

Millwall face Middlesbrough on Saturday as they look to put further distance between themselves and the relegation zone.

Wallace stressed it is the games against sides around them Millwall must find a way to raise their levels for, saying the contests against the bigger sides "look after themselves".

"To be a really good team and go up a gear we need to find that consistency and the maturity in our performances whether we're playing Barnsley or Wolves," Wallace continued. "We have to demand the same levels from the group.

"Barnsley and Burton at home, it was unprofessional how we approached those games. We didn't show the intensity we did in the others. On the big occasions, like Leeds at home, The Den is rocking and it's easy to play well with a massive following from the home fans.

"Sometimes when there are only 11/12,000 at The Den we're the ones that have to create the atmosphere. We've been found wanting a little bit in that respect. It's down to the group, we have to beat the teams around us and the big games will look after themselves."

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly