Harris 'won't hesitate' to add to Millwall squad

NEIL Harris says Millwall “won’t hesitate” to add to the squad in January’s transfer window.

Harris admitted the Lions found themselves “a little bit short” of options over the first 11 league games, after Lee Gregory’s suspension and Tom Elliott’s injury stretched attacking resources.

Millwall enquired about Fleetwood forward Ashley Hunter before the August transfer window closed, and could look to bolster their attacking options when it reopens.

Harris and his management team are assessing the campaign so far during the current international break, and any decision on transfers will be made closer to the end of the year.

“We are cutting our cloth accordingly at this level,” Harris said. “We can’t operate at the same level as probably 90 per cent of the rest of the division, taking two or three clubs around us out of the equation.

“I am happy working like that, I do like a tight-knit squad. It has worked so well for us in the first 11 games. Yes, maybe the odd time we have found ourselves a little bit short but you have to balance that with the thought that over the previous nine or so games would we have had as happy a group if they weren’t getting as much football?

“We’re always looking to improve, that’s the main thing. I’ll be spending time with my staff this week to assess the first quarter of the season.

“If we feel we can add anyone at any stage we will look to do that. If we feel we need to improve the squad in January then we won’t hesitate.

“But we’ve got a long way to go until then, another dozen or so fixtures before the start of January. We have to continue to make sure we build this group, continue to learn like we have done.

“And we have learned quickly at times. After Ipswich we had to learn quickly, we learned from Wolves. And we learned from victories as well.

“Now is the time to work on the players we have got to [help them] be better and continue the good form that we’ve had.”

Meanwhile, Millwall are taking a look at defender Lex Allan, who plays for Harry Smith’s former club Sittingbourne.

Bostick South side Sittingbourne’s manager Nick Davis revealed a number of clubs were interested in the centre-back.

He said: “He’s got clubs left, right and centre looking at him. He was at Millwall again last week, [Crystal] Palace have said they want him to train with them and Fulham have also enquired.

“He could go to a pro club, play in their under-23s and get better coaching than we can provide, and on a daily basis. Would that give him the best shot? Potentially.

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly