Millwall were offered Premier League prospect – but turned down transfer chance

MILLWALL were recently offered a Premier League player on loan – but turned down the opportunity of a deal because his parent club insisted on a set amount of game time.

The London club in question were impressed with Millwall's growing reputation under Neil Harris as somewhere that nurtures young talent, but the Lions wouldn't agree to the terms of any potential loan arrangement.

Under a proposed deal, Millwall would have had to agree to start the player in their first game of the 2017-18 Championship season against Nottingham Forest, and then in a certain percentage of games over the duration of the loan.

But Harris felt agreeing to those terms would have been disrespectful to his squad.

Harris revealed at a fans forum at The Den on Tuesday night he had fielded a phone call last week when he was offered the player.

"They like what we're doing," Harris said. "But I won't commit to that, disrespecting my dressing room by bringing a young lad in who hasn't played first-team football and putting him on a pedestal.

"If I took a player in on those rules, and if that got out to my players, it would be a disaster."

Image: Millwall FC 

John Kelly