Millwall want 'three or four' more signings

NEIL Harris said Millwall are working to secure “three or four more deals” ahead of their return to the Championship in 2017-18.

Millwall have already signed James Meredith and Tom Elliott, and hope they will be followed by Jed Wallace and Jake Cooper, both of whom spent the second half of last season’s successful League One campaign on loan at the club.

The Lions have also bid for Southend midfielder Ryan Leonard.

“We moved quickly, planning has been ongoing for signings for months,” Harris said.

“You could even go back to the players that we took last year, with a view to taking them permanently.

“We’ve always taken players like Shane Ferguson on loan with a view to signing, Jed Wallace, George Saville, even Chris Taylor to a certain extent as we looked to sign him.”

The Lions boss added: “We take them with a view to doing something more permanent, maybe not straight away, but in the future.

“We have been busy planning for this summer and our two scenarios. League One if we didn't get promoted, and for the Championship if we did.

“We’ve got our house in order, and moved quickly to secure our targets. It’s busy behind the scenes looking to tie up three or four more deals at the moment. Some are quicker than others.”

Image: ©Millwall FC