Millwall's Fan on the Board: "I want to be effective link between the club and fans"

MILLWALL’S Fan on the Board says he wants to be an effective communication link between supporters and the club.

Micky Simpson took up the position last season, and has already brought a number of issues to the club’s attention, including some newspapers’ coverage of the pitch invasion at the end of the play-off final.

He wants Lions fans to know that he is available to contact with any issues they may have, and he will make sure that the club are made aware of them.

“On a day-to-day basis I am liaising with the club on fan issues, speaking with various departments and keeping a line of communication open between fans and the club,” he said.

“If there’s a bad run of press then fans know need to know the club is dealing with it. They sometimes don’t know the club are doing stuff behind the scenes. I want to make sure the fans know they are being listened to.

“Emails I get are shared with the club, as are questions raised on Twitter.”

Simpson regularly speaks with Lions CEO Steve Kavanagh, and conveyed his belief that there should be no punishment for fans who entered the pitch after the league game with Northampton in April, following an incident in the stands when a fan suffered a heart attack.

He will be sitting down with the Millwall chief executive over the summer.

“Every time I post a statement I need to be sure the facts are correct, if I have to defend fans I need to know the full facts,” he said.

“But if something is indefensible then it can’t be defended.

“I have some ideas I want to discuss with Steve, issues around catering, how fans are treated.

“If I feel I need to go to the club I’ll forward on concerns from supporters to the relevant people.”

Image: ©Millwall FC