Millwall boss Jackett wants to see transfer windows scrapped

© Edmund Boyden

KENNY Jackett has revealed that he would like to see transfer windows in football scrapped in favour of a year-round market.

The Millwall boss says he finds the current system "limiting" and thinks clubs should be able to buy and sell players "right the way through the season".

FIFA have already announced plans to scrap the emergency loan rule, under which as many as 400 players move each year, but Jackett believes the game's governing body should go a step further.

"I think it would be a good thing if they did it," he told Lions Live. "I can't quite understand the system at the moment.

"Somehow the transfer window is still open in Russia and Turkey when it's closed here. I thought transfer windows were supposed to make it the same for everybody, right across the board.

"I think it limits clubs. I understand in the Premier League it's even more limiting because at least we have the loan window.

"Part of the excitement of being a football fan is reading the speculation about new additions and who you're going to sign.

"That should be available all of the time and right the way through the season."



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