Jackett slams Middlesbrough midfielder's tackle on Feeney

© Edmund Boyden

KENNY Jackett has blasted referee Fred Graham for not penalising Grant Leadbitter's heavy tackle on Liam Feeney during Millwall's 3-1 win over Middlesbrough.

Feeney has been ruled out for eight weeks after suffering significant ankle ligament damage as a result of Leadbitter's challenge, which was not even adjudged to have been a foul by the officials at the time.

However, Jackett has revealed that Graham has since been "reprimanded" by his superiors for not intervening.

"The tackle on Feeney was a really bad tackle," he told Lions Live. "It was right in front of me. It was a scissor tackle that came from behind, it took both legs away, and the referee didn't even give a free-kick.

"Liam is out for eight weeks and he's luck it's only eight weeks. It could have been like with Therry Racon last year where he was out for the season. Those sort of tackles really frustrate me.

"I'm not neccesarily one to jump up and down, but if I had done it might have produced a reaction from the referee, which I think is wrong. I was looking for the referee to do something about it.

"The referee on Saturday was reprimanded by the assessor for that particular incident. Now that doesn't help me or young Liam, who'll be on the treatment table for the next two months, but that sort of feedback is appreciated."



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