Millwall Fan on the Board Garston vows club will fight

MILLWALL will "fight on" in the battle to secure their future after Lewisham Council voted to grant a compulsory purchase order (CPO) on land around The Den on Tuesday night.

At a meeting that lasted almost three hours, Cabinet members voted six to one – with one abstention – in favour of the CPO.

Councillor Brenda Dacres, Chair of Lewisham Labour Group – who voted to oppose the move on Monday evening – insisted that a CPO should only be used as a last resort and that more negotiations between Millwall and property developer Renewal were necessary.

Rollins Road resident Willow Winston outlined the concerns of local businesses, and said her future had been "left to the mercies of Renewal".

Pete Garston, Millwall's Fan on the Board, also addressed Cabinet members and said the work of the community scheme would be compromised if Renewal's plans for the area were to go ahead.

After the meeting Garston promised the club are ready for "a long process".

"We are terribly disappointed in the result," Garston said. "But we're heartened by the support from our MPs, the Lewisham Labour Group and Councillor Joe Dromey, who voted against it.

"We also appreciated Councillor Brenda Dacres who spoke out against the CPOs at the meeting along with resident Willow Winston.

"There's no change for the club as this will be a long process.

"But we will fight on for the club, the Millwall Community Trust and the fans."

Chairman John Berylson and chief executive Andy Ambler were not present at the meeting.

John Kelly