View from the opposition: Oldham Athletic

Name: Dave Eames

Twitter: @Frusty1978

What made you become an Oldham supporter?

The first time I watched an Oldham team was on the TV, when they won 7-0 against Scarborough in the League Cup, which I think may have still been called the Milk Cup then.

It was when Frankie Bunn went mad for goals, scoring five in the first half. I watched it on Sports Night on a Wednesday night and I really liked the look of the team. The love affair started from there. Since then, I have been a season ticket holder for a few seasons. Back in my single days, I travelled over the country.

How has pre-season gone for the Latics? Are you ready to go for the season? 

Pre-season started with the usual comedy, as most of our seasons have done over the last few years. John Sheridan walked out on us to take over at Notts County, then apart from a few contracted players, every other single player left us. Five weeks or so until the season was due to start, we had five players on the books and no manager.

The usual doom and gloom had descended on the club. Steve Evans had been linked with the managerial job, but turned it down, causing fans to fear the worst. Now, we have ended up with Steve Robinson as the man in charge, the well-travelled Sean O'Driscoll as a Director of Football and Ian Barraclough as Robbo's assistant.

I for one was worried at one point, because I really thought the club was going under or in major trouble, but with what I am hoping is a young, hungry manager, we will head in the right direction.

How do you see Oldham faring in 2016-17?

Hopefully a play-off spot. That's what I think we deserve after 20-odd years stuck in League One. But, it will be really hard to call, as we have a brand new team and new management nexium team, so we have to give them time and not expect the world too quickly. Mid-table safety will be an honest prediction, I feel.

After a play-off final defeat in May, how do you see Millwall getting on this season?

A lot of my mates are Millwall fans and I would have been happy if they had gone up, but I am also glad the banter with them will continue for another season.

Millwall had great form last year and if they can carry that into this year, I feel they will finish in nothing lower than a play-off spot again. I feel Charlton and Sheffield United will be the ones to watch this season, so any two of the three teams I see going up automatically.

Which Oldham players do you think the Lions will need to watch out for? And who will the Latics need to be wary of from Millwall?

Last season, I could have given a name easily, but this season, I really don't know – any Millwall player that gets near our goal will be a threat!

For Oldham, I hope it will be Marc Klok, because he is already proving a fans favourite. He is such a likeable guy and seems to be giving his all for the club. He is an unknown quantity, so he will either hit the ground running or not. I hope he is a success and does become a first-team regular.

We also have Billy McKay, who signed from Wigan and Lee Erwin from Leeds. Both are hungry strikers, who again I hope will score a bagful of goals. Ryan Flynn, a signing from Sheffield United could be the main man we need to dictate our play, and Peter Clarke at the back as our new club captain should be an imposing figure for the season.

Finally, a score prediction?

Millwall 2-2 Oldham Athletic.

Graphic: @ShedCreativeUK 

Mark Litchfield