Millwall owner enthused ahead of new season

MILLWALL CHAIRMAN John Berylson is looking forward to the start of the season, more so than he was this time last year, according to Lions Chief Executive Andy Ambler.

Ambler spoke to The Southwark News ahead of Neil Harris and his squad returning to Calmont Road on Friday for the start of pre-season.

And the Chief Executive revealed the Chairman’s enthusiasm is matched by fans’ excitement with season ticket sales up on the same time 12 months prior.

“John’s looking forward to it,” Ambler said. “In fact even more so than last year, he is really pleased with the way Neil has gone about his job in his first full year – he has backed him to do even better this year.

“John is really enthusiastic, he’s looking forward to coming over possibly in mid-July for a week to catch up with everything.

“He will possibly go to some of the local friendlies we have, I'm not too sure but that’s his plan – he is very enthused.

Ambler added: “With that, season ticket sales are up on last year, we launched early with the early bird like we always do to give it really good value.

“They are up on last year, at the same time, we are happy with the way it has gone.

“The majority of people do buy in this period, during the super saver time, and you still get people buying towards the end, we had around 5,500 season ticket holders last year and it will be equal, if not more this year.

“We kept the prices the same having launched it back in March. Supporters had a chance of getting a season ticket, not just cheap in terms of being quick but it could have been a Championship season.”

“I think the run we had in the second half of the season has given people a lot of optimism for this year and it’s been reflected in the season ticket sales.

“There is general enthusiasm with people looking forward to a season where we can hopefully start better than we did last year and challenge in the top six for most of the season, that’s what we would anticipate and hope for.”