Millwall debating EFL proposals, says CEO Ambler

MILLWALL Chief Executive Andy Ambler has stated that the club have a 'whole years worth of debating' to do regarding the EFL's new proposals.

The rebranded body has put forward a plan to extend the football league from its current four-league, 24-team set-up to a new five-league, 20-team set up from 2020 onwards.

The proposals include less mid-week games and more Saturday afternoon football and Ambler has told NewsAtDen that the club are yet to decide on how they will vote.

"If the new proposals happen, one of the positives of that is that there will be more Saturday afternoon games we can play at League One level.

"As you get higher up the leagues, television dictates, but I think it’s better in the structure that you will only have a maximum of one mid-week game – either home or away – in the whole season.

"I'm not saying we are voting for that, as there is a whole years worth of debate on that before we even decide what we are doing.

"I just look at the attendances at most clubs, but ours in particular. You look at Tuesday nights; you don't get the people down at The Den like we used to – that's the reality.

"There are a lot of games now, be it the Champions League or the Premier League and we are competing against that, but that’s for debate and we shall see."

The EFL League One fixtures are released on Wednesday morning and the Chief Executive gave NewsAtDen an insight of how they come together.

"Each club receives a request form – all the clubs as a collective want to have their local games on a Saturday, when you get the most money and fans.

"We tend to like playing at home on remembrance weekend, because that means a lot to our fans, to honour the servicemen and woman – we like that one.

"But we are more dictated to other things going on in London these days. It used to be the Notting Hill Carnival – we couldn't play at home because of resources for the police, but I'm not sure that is the case anymore.

"We try not to ask for too many fixtures, because if you ask for a lot, they can become disjointed – they have a difficult enough job fitting fixtures as it is.

"We have Charlton this year – they will be at home when we are away and vice versa."

Mark Litchfield