Millwall to earn more money in EFL Trophy revamp

NEIL Harris expects Millwall to earn more money in the newly revised format of next season's EFL Trophy.

The change will see 16 Premier League U21 teams evenly distributed between 16 regional groups of four teams, joining all current League One and Two teams. The competition will still retain its northern/southern divide.

And Harris confirmed the club voted in favour of a change to the previous format in order to "save" the competition.

“We voted for a change, that was for definite." Harris said.

“I think if you look at the facts of the competition, it was going nowhere, we saw that last year.

“The competition needed revamping. I was supporting a change and as a club, we supported a change.

"It’s a one off this year, if it works, brilliant. If it doesn't, then it changes next year.

“We were in support for change in the competition, something needed to be done to save it.

"Last year we took it seriously, it was a good competition for us – apart from a crazy first half last year against Oxford, it was a good competition.

“It brought us success and made us more of a team, to be honest."

Harris added: “It’s different this year with group stages, it brings extra fixtures early on, but we will get on with it.

"It will certainly give some of our young players an opportunity to play which is vital.

“There will be three games for some of them to have the opportunity to play.

“The competition needed revamping to give it some impetus.

“It isn't a huge amount of money but it gives us more money, that was vital in the change.

“The clubs that are moaning about not wanting to change and say the Premier League clubs shouldn't be allowed in it – I understand that and people stuck in their ways.

"But we are making more money out of it and that’s vital to us.”

The proposal was the only option put forward to shake up the EFL Trophy, and a final decision on the new proposal will take place in June 2017 after the one-year trial.

Image source: ©Millwall FC