NewsAtDen's Millwall Player of the Month: Ben Thompson

MILLWALL midfielder Ben Thompson has been voted NewsAtDen's Player of the Month for March.

The Lions youngster carded the highest average score of 7.86 in NewsAtDen's player rating system in the six games he was involved in during March, including winning our Man of the Match award an impressive three times.

He was voted Man of the Match in games against Blackpool, Sheffield United and Bradford.

Thompson also had the joint highest rating in games against Swindon and Wigan – making him the highest rated player in five of the six matches Millwall played in March.

Lee Gregory was runner-up with an average rating of 7.23, while right-back Mahlon Romeo was just behind the striker with a rating of 7.21.

Thompson's victory is the highest average rating this season, beating the previous winner of the award, Jordan Archer, by a score of 0.06.