Video: Millwall set for facelift as part of £1b regeneration

THE exterior of The Den will undergo a facelift as part of a £1billion regeneration of the Surrey Canal area.

A promotional video released by Renewal, the developers behind the scheme, shows how a new 'architectural wrap' around the stadium could look.

The current plans also allow for the capacity to be increased to 24,000 should the club be promoted to the Premier League.

"The re-cladding of the stadium is part of the planning agreement, so that will definitely happen," Millwall chief executive Andy Ambler told the Southwark News.

"But we don't have to do that until we start making money from the redevelopment of the area around us. That may still be four or five years away. We are expecting higher attendance once the transport infrastructure is improved and the regeneration is underway.

"This project will be the biggest regeneration in London after the Olympic site in Stratford. This can only benefit the club and its image as we'll be in the centre of where people live and work, which can only be a better use of the land."



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