Millwall await observations from FA after touchline scuffle

© Millwall FC
© Millwall FC

MILLWALL are waiting to hear if they will face any action from the Football Association after a touchline ruckus at The Den.

Manager Ian Holloway and his assistant Marc Bircham were both sent to the stands for clashing with the Blackburn bench during a dramatic 2-2 draw on Tuesday.

Rovers coach Craig Short was also removed from the touchline by referee Darren Deadman as Andy Wilkinson's controversial red card prompted a mass brawl.

The FA are expected to investigate what happened, while the Lions yesterday appealed Wilkinson's dismissal, which carries a three-match ban.

Chief executive Andy Ambler told the Southwark News: "The referee's assessor was at the game looking at it and the reports from the fourth official and the referee will go in.

"In the cold light of day, I don't think what happened was as bad as it actually seemed. There was a lot of passion.

"The FA will have a look at the events of Tuesday night and we await their findings before commenting further."

Holloway was banished from the dugout in the 75th minute of the match after complaining about another dubious decision.

He then watched the closing stages – including Shaun Williams’ 88th-minute equaliser – on a television monitor in his office.

"I had a nice cup of coffee," he said. "What else could I do? I had no contact with Marc Bircham, because he was already off.

"It was their reaction to the tackle that I felt the referee could have dealt better with. I have a lot of time for [Blackburn manager] Gary Bowyer but I didn't at that moment.

"I didn’t feel that was right. Every one of them on their bench ran out and then their bloke gets up again – it's just a tackle, isn't it? It wasn’t a bad one.

"And Ricardo Fuller has a boot mark on his groin and we got nothing for that. I feel like I've let them down because you have to remain calm if you can.

"But how many more [decisions will go against us]? I've got to learn to stay calm but if you don't fight, care and show passion when you feel aggrieved, then you might as well pack it in.

"What I'm loving is Millwall and the crowd here. I'm absolutely loving it.”



4 thoughts on “Millwall await observations from FA after touchline scuffle

  • November 6, 2014 at 10:42

    I can't see us getting much change from the FA. On the night it didn't look like a sending off and on the replay it looks even less like a sending off. Typical of the refs we get down there every week it seems. Wilkinson banned for three games is a huge loss as he has played well and looks class and the sort of player Millwall fans want. I hope the FA look att the appeal objectively but I rather suspect it'll be the usual and the red will stand. We need a big performance with our best players on Saturday and Wilkinson is by a mile the beat we have at rb.

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  • November 6, 2014 at 10:44

    I thought dangerous play was a yellow card at least,but when danny got kicked in the face when going for a header,their player's high kick was penalised but no card was given,had it been the other way round a millwall player would have had a yellow at least.
    we have had problem's with this ref before and in my view we should object to him taking any of our games in the future.

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    • November 6, 2014 at 11:06

      @jim1222: williams red card resulted in a 1 match ban.cos it was his first red of the cant someone explain why wilko has a 3 match ban.

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  • November 6, 2014 at 11:15

    @Jim1222 Williams's was for a professional foul, 1 match only. Wilkinson' was for 'dangerous play' anything up to 3 games if I'm right in thinking.

    IMO Williams' was a sending off (Last man but won us a point), Wilkinson' was a booking at most.

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