Millwall directors agree to have pitch at The Den relaid

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MILLWALL's board of directors have agreed to relay the pitch at The Den during the summer amidst growing concerns surrounding the poor condition of the current surface.

In his latest monthly report, Fan on the Board Peter Garston revealed that the substandard quality of the existing pitch was due to the fact that the grass has not been fully relaid since the ground was built in 1993.

Garston told of how the board discussed the problem at length and have decided to 'substantially invest' in a brand new Fibresand pitch which will be installed during the close season.

Fibresand technology is mainly utilised in horse racing, but is also suitable for other sports, and is based on a synthetic generic for lexapro side effects sand which helps maintain a well-drained and sure-footed surface.

"People may have noticed the quality of the pitch this year isn't as good as it has been in the past," Garston said in his report.

"This is mainly due to the age of the pitch. We have been at the ground 20 years now, and although each year the top is skimmed it has never been fully relaid.

"Trevor Keyse carried out a lot of research to ensure that directors had all the viable options available and it was decided the board would make a substantial investment to have a Fibresand pitch relaid in the close season.

"Hopefully this investment will last for a good few years to come."

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