Jackett to keep faith with outspoken Bouazza

© Edmund Boyden

KENNY Jackett insists he will continue to pick Hamer Bouazza despite the winger's controversial comments in the press.

The 27-year-old midfielder revealed to Algerian newspaper Compétition last week that he had asked to leave Millwall at the end of the season after becoming unhappy at a lack of first-team football.

But Jackett believes the comments were merely borne out of frustration and an unpredictable personality.

"The situation with Hamer is that Hamer is very black and white – if he is in the team he is happy, if he is out of the team he wants to leave," he told News Shopper.

"It is not a good situation where players go public like that but we are where we are, he is our only naturally left-sided player and he is a player who when he is right is capable of playing in the Championship.

"But should he have necessarily done that interview? No. All he has to do now is concentrate on playing as well as he did on Saturday and everything will be fine."



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