O’Brien and Ferguson performances please Millwall boss

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NEIL Harris has praised the contributions of Aiden O’Brien and Shane Ferguson in Millwall’s 3-1 victory over Rochdale.

O’Brien set up all three of the Lions’ goals, with Ferguson a constant threat up and down the left side in the home win.

And Harris has said he will continue to pick the appropriate team to win any given game after Ferguson started in place of Ed Upson on the left of midfield.

“Aiden O’Brien is an outstanding player,” Harris said. “He is an excellent footballer and he works tirelessly for the team.

“I think that is the biggest accolade I can give him. His team-mates appreciate that.

“Himself and Jimmy – we’ve got a good team – but they in particular certainly worked tirelessly for the side.

“Ed Upson has been one of our best players in the past few games but I felt we might have needed some more balance down the left side and I've told the team I’ll pick a team to win games.

“Win, lose or draw, I’ll pick a team that is appropriate. I’ll watch training and monitor their body language, individually as well as a team and Shane Ferguson has been patient.

“I just felt his left foot would be important against them and he is certainly a threat going forward.

“His delivery from set plays was outstanding, but then Upson came off the bench and he was very, very good when he came on.”

Harris also commented on his delight at how Millwall were able to soak up several spells of Rochdale pressure.

And the Lions boss was pleased with his side's response after he criticised their lack of cutting edge in the Southend defeat.

“We knew Rochdale would have the ball because they are a good football side,” the Lions manager said.

“What makes them a good side is that they can pass the ball and then go longer and get into the penalty area and a few times they mixed it well.

“They got into good areas at times, especially down the left-hand side they created overloads with numbers, but we didn't feel massively threatened as a side.

“I was critical with the team’s cutting edge and quality in final third last weekend, but today the boys responded in the right manner and they showed me that.”

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20 thoughts on “O’Brien and Ferguson performances please Millwall boss

  • September 28, 2015 at 11:31

    Obrien in a couple of season will be a excellent player. He definitely has the ability to play at a higher level

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    • September 28, 2015 at 12:28

      @dave666: Got that right Dave. O'Brien and Pavey will be international players one day. Let's hope they're still with Millwall when that happens.

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      • September 28, 2015 at 12:50

        @NICKOLA: I hope so nickola he seems like heis enjoying a run in the team. He. Is still learning his trade so can't see him leaving. I hope pavey gets his chance soon he is doing so well he would add to the squad

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  • September 28, 2015 at 12:37

    Sorry to be controversial but Rochdale were not a good side - despite their league position - they were a very average at best. Yes we won and that is good BUT they were dangerous down the left hand side simply because Fred does not / cannot defend. His body language seems to say that he thinks he shouldn't have to either. That is why our right back is continually exposed - its fortunate that Carlos is such a good player - better teams have exploited this and better teams will continue to do so.
    Also Ferguson is a better full back by a mile than Craig - but then who isn't

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    • September 28, 2015 at 20:56

      @crow191049: Stevie Wonder, but Hollowhead tried to sign him.

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