Edwards hoping to maintain tag as Millwall's "lucky charm"

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CARLOS Edwards is hoping to continue as Millwall’s “lucky charm" against Southend on Saturday.

Since the 36-year-old returned return from a knee injury, the Lions have been unbeaten, winning against Peterborough in the JPT and the league against Crewe and Port Vale.

And now Edwards is looking to keep Millwall's momentum going as the Lions look to win their first league game at The Den this season.

“Everyone is calling me the lucky charm!” Edwards said. “Who’s to know why I am?

“I’ve said sometime before, one player can make a big different, or even two players, you never know.

“Maybe the guys just see me as the calm, collected, relaxed Carlos and they see themselves how I can fit into my role on the pitch.

“We’ve had two games away from home back-to-back and we've scored five goals with one against, which speaks volumes. So long may it continue.

“The fans are travelling all the way up to Port Vale and even up to Crewe. I tend to speak positively and I want to roll on now and Saturday can't come too soon for me."

Edwards added: “I think the lads are getting back the belief that it is possible to play football and enjoy the game and compete at every level.

"Even though we haven't won a game at home in the league just yet, it shows signs that we can. Going away and winning show’s that it’s a mental thing.”

“Winning at home is possible, I'm just hoping that the lads can take the form we have away and put it in place for home games.”

Being such an experienced professional, Edwards feels it would be to his detriment if he didn't give back to the younger players and share his knowledge with them.

“I'm the fossil!” Edwards said. “It would be very unfair for me, with the experience I have, not to pass that on to the other players because we have a young bunch of guys in the dressing room.

“I tend to give them small tips I don't tend to be the dad or someone that I'm not. I just try to be me and me is the person to see on the pitch.

“If they come to me for advice I will give them the best answer that I can possibly give and help them along the way.”

“The spirit with the boys right now in the dressing room and the training ground and the staff you can see for yourselves, and the fans are loving it at the moment.”

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22 thoughts on “Edwards hoping to maintain tag as Millwall's "lucky charm"

  • September 19, 2015 at 10:30

    Since you come back carloss we have started to play football and that has bred confidence amongst the team rather than the get rid hoofball we were playing , now the lads know they can actually play . 3 points today guys millllllll

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    • September 19, 2015 at 11:23

      @DELBOY64: said it before and will say again EXTEND HIS CONTRACT amd I will keep saying it

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  • September 19, 2015 at 10:31

    Got nothing to do with being a lucky charm, has to do with being a quality player that is not only experienced but organised and a real leader...Edwards for Captain!!

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