Millwall's Harris: It wasn't an easy decision to drop Forde

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NEIL Harris said it was a “tough decision” to drop David Forde before the 0-0 draw with Scunthorpe at Glanford Park.

Harris handed Jordan Archer his first league start for the Lions and was rewarded when the keeper made a string of important saves.

The former Tottenham keeper produced arguably the best of them when he denied Paddy Madden in a one-on-one early in the first half.

Harris said: “Every decision is tough. Picking the team isn’t always easy, as I’m finding out.

“I’ll get some wrong during the season and I’ll get a lot right.

“I’ll focus on the positives, which was that the 11 players and the boys that came off the bench were terrific.

“Jordan has made a couple of good saves and they missed a penalty, but we had lots of chances as well.

“Steve Morison hit the post in injury-time and that summed it up for both benches, that it was going to be a nil-nil.”

The Millwall boss altered his formation for the game, opting to pick a three-man midfield as the Lions kept their first clean sheet of the season.

Ben Thompson also made his full league debut after two impressive appearances as a substitute against Coventry and Barnsley.

“Ben is one of our top young players,” Harris said. “He has done really well in the last two games coming off the bench, but just because you do well off the bench you can’t presume they’ll do really well starting.

“You have to be patient and pick them at the right time, and we got that right today with Ben.

“It helps having the experience of Shaun (Williams) and Jimmy (Abdou) in there and we went with the three because at the moment teams are playing three-man midfields against us.

“We went with energy in there and control in the middle of the park, and I also wanted to play with three strikers.”

John Kelly


32 thoughts on “Millwall's Harris: It wasn't an easy decision to drop Forde

  • August 22, 2015 at 18:07

    Well played Archer and Thompson. Sorry to see Forde career going backwards because he's been a great servant to this club.

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    • August 22, 2015 at 19:00

      @NPEgentlemansclub: I agree NPE. I don't understand why people put Forde down, yes he had to be replaced but how quick people forget, wasn't too long ago when Fordey Fordey could be heard around the ground.

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      • August 22, 2015 at 19:05

        @john H: Sounds like you want us to go down again not to hurt Fordes feelings.Or are you a relative?

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        • August 22, 2015 at 21:38

          @baz2262: All these people saying how quick we forget,let's have it right he wasn't playing for nothing he was well paid and just doing his job,if this club carries on on sentiment we will soon be playing non league.

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        • August 22, 2015 at 22:01

          @baz2262: not at all baz if you read my post it says I agree that Forde should be replaced what I don't agree with is people disrespecting the man. When I saw Archer was in for Forde I was as happy as anyone because I thought he will do a better job. I'm not sentimental at all Forde has done well and been paid well now he's not doing so well but I guess he still above the poverty line. 😉

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      • August 22, 2015 at 22:29

        @john H:
        Spot on. Some of the abuse aimed at someone who has been a great servant to us is a disgrace. I would suggest a few of our so called supporters read the mike Calvin book and they might learn a thing or 2 about our club and some of the individuals they have slagged off over the last few seasons. Blokes like dunne and forde who have given 100% over the years for millwall and have been leaders and stood up to be counted on many occasions. Why not just wish the bloke well instead of aiming a load of bile and abuse at him.

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        • August 22, 2015 at 23:42

          @82wall: I do wish him well,but when,like he has done played below par for the last two year's,people [me included] are going to get on his back,the same can be said about Dunne,You have a lot to say and give abuse to other poster's that give their opinion' i want to ask you a couple of question's.
          How long would you have gone on picking both Forde and Dunne ?.
          Or how long ago would you have dropped either of them ?.
          PS i know Dunne is not here any more.

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          • August 23, 2015 at 00:00

            Abuse? If I think someone's talking rubbish, I'll come out and say it. That doesn't mean what I'm saying is necessarily correct, but its my opinion. There are too many sheep on here who's opinions are swayed by others, and it helps to spread negativity, which doesn't help our players or our situation. Did you listen to morison on lions live? If not, I would suggest you do, as he says a few home truths to the fans and in my opinion, he's spot on. And its irrelevant weather I would of picked forde or dunne, because the debate isn't about that. The facts are, they have both been part of some good times and bad times but have never hid or shirked responsibility, Infact they have both stood up to be counted on many occasions. For what it's worth though I'll give you an answer. Forde has needed competition for 2 seasons, that's part of the reason he has gone down hill, and obviously because he is getting older. Dunne has been a cracking squad player over the years and his time at the club came to an end at the right time. How many managers have tried to replace him, only to go on and pick him again? Like I say, it's not about their ability, it's about showing some respect for 2 very good servants to millwall. Something that is going to be very rare soon in the future. Sorry if you don't like my attitude towards certain people, and sorry if you don't like my comments. I couldn't care less to be honest though, maybe people should educate themselves about 'their' club before they spout so much s***. Like all that JB's stuff the other day, hands up how many people knew half the things I came out with? Probably not many on here. That's not me thinking im special, or me having special inside info, it's because I assert myself with facts before I speak and I happen to know a hell of a lot about the club I follow up and down this s*** hole of a country every single weekend.

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    • August 22, 2015 at 21:40

      @NPEgentlemansclub: well paid for doing his job.nothing more nothing less.

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  • August 22, 2015 at 18:32

    Well done Neil - Forde is finished - not interested and the cause of a lot of our problems last season and the start of this one - hope he leaves soon

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