Sid Nelson determined to secure Millwall first-team place

© Edmund Boyden
© Edmund Boyden

MILLWALL defender Sid Nelson says he wants to cement his place in the Lions first team next season.

The 19-year-old made 15 appearances last term and believes he will improve playing alongside the more experienced Tony Craig, Mark Beevers and Byron Webster.

“Next season the aim is to play as many games as I can in a Millwall shirt,” Nelson said.

“I've got Craig, Beevers and Webster teaching me and I'm learning a lot from them.

“I'm still learning my trade, I'm only 19.”

“They've put an arm round me and they've taught me a lot already. I try to watch how they play and try to build that into how I play.”

“I used to watch Tony Craig as a kid and seeing him play is great. I learn so much from him and he's fitted straight back into the team. The lads really respect him.”

Ten academy players featured in Tuesday’s 2-2 draw at Bromley and Nelson believes Millwall’s renewed focus on youth is a positive move by the club.

“It feels good to play with the academy boys, and it looks good for the club,” he said.

“It shows how successful our academy is with players coming through. They've all just slotted in really well and they fitted in well against Bromley.

“It’s good to see these players making the step up.”

Nelson also feels that Kris Twardek, who impressed after coming on in the second half at Hayes Lane, could become a fan favourite this season.

“Kris is a nippy little git,” Nelson joked. “His running and sharpness is so great. In the running tests he does so well, and on the ball he's very good.

“He’s good with both feet and he's definitely one to look out for.

“He's hard to play against because he's very direct and he wants to always look to create an end product.

“It’s great to have a player like that. We've not had a player come through the youth team like that for ages.

“Kris being a winger is a positive. He's very direct and he's going to get balls into the box and draw a lot of fouls.”

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14 thoughts on “Sid Nelson determined to secure Millwall first-team place

  • July 17, 2015 at 09:54

    Reading between the lines:- On TC:- "The lads really respect him.” Craig is going to be captain.
    Kris Twardek could be our surprise new winger.

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  • July 17, 2015 at 10:40

    Is there nothing else to write about other than what Sid Nelson says? I notice the absolute silence about the prospects of signing a new striker. It all seems deja vu from last season and again a team that is being put together in hope rather than one that will get us out of this league. All power to some of these promising youngsters but they must not be expected to carry the weight next season. The team need some strength and goalscoring ability up front.

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    • July 17, 2015 at 11:21

      @Peckhamlad: Who is/are these strikers you expect to come to the club. Every single club in the league from Lge 2 to Premiership are looking for this 20+ goal machine, and we are a small club with a small budget. Any names would be welcome I'm sure.

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    • July 17, 2015 at 11:34

      @Peckhamlad: I've looked at this site every day over the summer in the expectation we're building a team to get us back up to the Championship. I'm pleased with the re-signing of Craig, but apart from a few free transfers and the usual trialists no-one else wants, the club looks set to try and wing it through next season. Unless there's some quality brought in soon I can see us really struggling this season.

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    • July 17, 2015 at 11:41

      The reality is kicking in for me... I think the youth with be exciting, but we need a couple of strong signings to get us that extra quality. We have shaved off millions of our wage bill but if JB does not invest in a striker he will never get any of the money he's lost back. @Peckhamlad: I agree with this also we can't leave the weight on the youngsters shoulders... One or two injuries also and we would be doomed.

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    • July 17, 2015 at 13:13

      Getting fed up of reading posts like this on every single news update on this website.
      Everyone keeps going on about us needing a striker, the club is fully aware of that, which is why Hanson was our number 1 target whom we were pursuing right from the beginning of the transfer window.
      Just because that deal fell through doesn't mean they've just decided "f**k it, we don't need a striker anyway".
      I imagine they've been in talks with probably 6 or 7 different strikers, but it doesn't get reported on here in case the deal doesn't go through.
      Besides, if they did start reporting every single time they thought about contacting a player, you'd get the same posters on here going on about "non news stories, hurry up and sign another striker blah blah blah"

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      • July 17, 2015 at 14:38

        @AlMfc: I've got very little confidence in what the club knows when it comes to football or us fans. However, I do have faith in Harris and hope he becomes a good manager for Millwall, but he needs more support than he's being given.

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