Ed Upson hails valuable week as Millwall leave Portugal

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© Millwall FC

MILLWALL have come to the end of their five-day training camp in Portugal and are preparing to leave for London.

The squad will meet again on Monday morning at Calmont Road to get ready for the friendly against Bromley the following evening.

And midfielder Ed Upson, who scored two goals in 36 games last season, said the trip was a thorough success.

“There is a good atmosphere around the group with a lot of camaraderie at the moment.

“The rustiness has gone and everyone is looking really good and sharp.

“We have had long meetings and spoken about our aim for the season. We’re really excited.”

The 25-year-old former Yeovil Town player will be one of the more experienced members of Millwall's midfield next season after the departures of the likes of Richard Chaplow and Nicky Bailey.

And he is determined to be an example to Ben Thompson, 19, and 21-year-old Jack Powell, both of whom were part of Neil Harris’ first-team squad towards the end of last season.

Speaking to the club’s website he said: “It’s just another part of football and another responsibility to take on and look after the younger lads to make sure everyone is doing it right.”

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19 thoughts on “Ed Upson hails valuable week as Millwall leave Portugal

  • July 10, 2015 at 17:57

    Really hoping upson can step and be a big player for us this season and seasons to come, looks like he's got it in he's locker to be a top player so I'm looking forward to seeing him prove it. And a new centre forward would come in handy as well Mr Chairman !

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  • July 10, 2015 at 18:54

    Hope upson does as well as I think he could do, not sure about him and Williams in the same side though, on a slightly different note I'm bored of hearing and I'm going back to as far as jackett here everyone saying the camp unity is good when if rumours are true it's been bad for years. Hopefully the cancer setters such as trots and his mates who stayed on have all f,off strong disciplined management is the only way we will do well this season, bit of Rioch but not as far

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  • July 10, 2015 at 18:56

    Really needs to up his goal-scoring.
    As well as not having a goal scorer up front,we also need the midfielders to chip in with more goals.

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  • July 10, 2015 at 22:28

    I really like upson, i think he's a decent player especially at this level. he also works really well with williams, i think those two could dominate midfield play in this league i really do. seems like he's got a great attitude as well, all we need is two wingers and a proven striker and we'll be in for a decent season. but don't expect miracles ffs give these boys and harris time!!! i think playoffs is a reasonable target but going up i think will take two seasons at least being realistic.

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  • July 11, 2015 at 12:56

    Hope the squad are resting after all their exhaustions from the free bee holidays in Portugal
    - hope they are not suffering too much from jet lag. Should be fine after a nice rest this weekend - then the hum dingker against Bromley - play the youngsters it's the way forward after a million threads on here promoting HORATIO, FRED & AOB. Yep roll on Div1 - progress don't make me laugh
    Wall have as much chance of promotion as me landing on MARS - the planet not the chocolate bar.
    Still I have got the memories, OLD WEMBLEY, NEW WEMBLEY, CARDIFF, PLAYING IN EUROPE,

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  • July 11, 2015 at 13:48

    Upson is tip top and doesn't hide, unfortunately Williams is lazy, hasn't got any bottle and came out with a load of cobblers regarding how he got his last injury....

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    • July 11, 2015 at 19:13

      Agree with what you say about Upson, one of the stand out performances last season for me was his against charlton, strong running, good tackling and intelligent passing, he really looked the part and this time round I'm expecting him to play a big part in our season.

      Williams however is a strange one, around Christmas he really lost his form, and became a passenger in the team. I put it down to Holloway and his madcap tactics and crazy selections and signings, it's only just becoming clear how clueless the bloke really was. Williams never really regained any sort of form even after Holloway f***** off, and the injury kind of summed up his season. I rate Williams, when on form he can pick a pass better than anyone in the team, also he's handy to have around to fill In at centre back too, he's another one who with a bit of confidence and belief can really kick on this year, and I believe alongside Upson he can crack on become a vital component in the middle.

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      • July 11, 2015 at 21:34

        @Still_Wall: Spot on comments, i think they are both class acts especially at this level, holloway mucked up most of the squad, webster a main example imo. good post.

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        • July 12, 2015 at 00:02

          You know what, regarding Holloway and the chaos that came with him, blame me and people like me, who fell for his BS. I listened to his interview with lions live when he first joined and I went away thinking we had the complete manager who would take us to the next level, instead we got total disaster. I backed Holloway right up til the Boxing Day game at Norwich then I started to slightly doubt him, by the time we lost to Rotherham I clocked he was out of his depth, after that he should have walked but never, waiting for a pay off- knowing it would hurt us and more importantly JB financially, despite him repeatedly stating his admiration for the chairman, utter selfishness from a man who I now see as a complete charlatan, I honestly can't stand the sight of him. Anyway he's gone and we're still here, I saw enough in the games against charlton, brentford, Wigan and Derby to know slowly but surely Harris will give us OUR club back. Bomber truly understands what we want from a 'Wall team, and doesn't pretend or patronize us a la Holloway (dressing in a flat cap, "stronger together" and all that crap) and all those of you who called Holloway out as a fraud right from the start I commend you, I just wish the rest of us had listened earlier and maybe we could've avoided this mess but there you go..... Life with the lions eh? I wouldn't change it for the world!!

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  • July 11, 2015 at 16:39

    @ MEKONGRIVER : any chance of you going on holiday and give us a break from you for a fortnight mate.

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  • July 12, 2015 at 20:35

    Upson is my outside bet to be our skipper this season, I think TC is more likely but Ed is a good vice Cpt.

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  • July 13, 2015 at 11:14

    Squad photo today only a couple of new faces so far I wonder if fordes face will be on it this season

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  • July 13, 2015 at 13:28

    Have not been on here or for a few weeks, so decided to see what has been happening on the new player front but as I see nothing to get excited about, 1 Gillingham reject and a welcome return to Tony Craig now we are back in the division that will suite him.

    A 21 man squad at the moment actually make that 16 man as there others are kids, looks like we don't expect too many injuries or suspensions in the coming season. I would think we still need a couple of bodies who know this division to at least not let us once again struggle as we have over the previous 3 seasons COYL.

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  • July 13, 2015 at 14:47

    Just seen the squad for tomorrow and we have a Norwegian midfielder on trial who got released by Aldershot, glad we are aiming high and still dipping in to the bargain basement to look for players as that's what we have signed so far.

    Still no Striker, our dealings this summer have been inept to say the least and with the transfer embargo in January, im not getting too carried way, if we make the play offs that will be a bonus.

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