Millwall manager will push on with defensive targets

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MILLWALL boss Neil Harris isn’t finished adding to Millwall’s defensive options after signing Jordan Archer and Joe Martin this week.

He is targeting a left-sided centre-back and would ideally like to have a deal completed before the squad leave for Portugal in 10 days.

Brentford’s 30-year-old former Lion Tony Craig is believed to be an option.

The signing of a defender with Craig’s age profile would fit with Harris’ plans to add some more experience to a youthful squad.

He told the club’s website: “Young players tend to be a bit hit and miss in the early stages – I certainly was.”

“However, we have some very talented lads here who will be key to the successful future of this club, so we have to give them time and surround them with some more senior players of good character.

“It’s my choice to go this way. The make-up of the group will be very different this time round, with so many players leaving at the end of last season.”

Meanwhile the search for a centre-forward also continues.

Harris added: “It is no secret that I want to bring in another striker so that we have four or five with different attributes competing for places. Anyone we add has to suit us and the dynamic of the dressing room so I won’t be rushed into anything at this stage.”


John Kelly


27 thoughts on “Millwall manager will push on with defensive targets

  • June 25, 2015 at 11:53

    This article is an almagamation of four -five recent previous articles. Is there really so little news about the place that we are being subjected to this?

    We are all aware of what the squad requires in order to strengthen it. Neil himself knows what is required. I'd much rather read articles on what's been delivered than speculation, conjecture and repetetive articles being cut, copied and pasted together, thanks.

    Tony Craig, Alfie Mawson and a decent powerhouse goal scorer is what's needed. Hanson is a target man. If we get him great. If not there are a lot of forwards of decent past stature that are currently free agents.

    Lower leagues have hidden gems that need unearthing. Where's that Mick Harford when you need him? There are Premier League fringe players that are free agents. Jordan Archer was one. I'm sure there are plenty of forwards available. It's just about finding one.

    I expect the next NAD article will be detailing the squads new dietry plans or something else of equal importance.

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  • June 25, 2015 at 11:54

    John I'm sure you said only yesterday or the Tuesday on Twitter that TC wasn't being considered?!?

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