Millwall boss: Norwich's superior quality the difference

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IAN Holloway admitted Norwich's superior quality shone through during their 4-1 win over Millwall at The Den on Saturday.

The Lions finished the day eight points adrift of safety at the bottom of the Championship table after being well-beaten by the Canaries in SE16.

All of Norwich's goals came during a clinical 22-minute period and Holloway said: "Jonny Howson's smashed one in from their first shot at goal – talk about a bullet to your heart.

"I felt the boys kept going but all of a sudden we gave a penalty away when the ball was rolling out so I was gutted for the lads.

"I knew that would start other feelings off and unfortunately it did.

"It gave Norwich a boost of confidence, they got going and for a while we were on the rack. They scored two more, hit the post and it could've been worse.

"I still felt that the lads kept going and worked hard for each other. I felt they still showed a Millwall spirit but maybe I was the only one in the ground who did."

Holloway, who remained seated in the dugout for most of the second half, added:

"I felt that if I went out there [to the touchline] then they would all vent their spleen on me and that wouldn't help the team, so I didn't shirk my responsibilities.

"Every time I walked out, it all started and I thought that would affect the team. So I went to give Nigel Gibbs a message, out it went and we kept going.

"When you don't win at home, it's very, very difficult for anybody and I can understand.

"Obviously if something's changed and there's been a sea change, they've obviously got short memories about last year, what we did and how we did it together.

"But I'm not blaming anybody. I'm a football manager and it's a very difficult position to be in when you're not winning games.

"Did I see my team not trying for me or throwing in the towel? I didn't see that at all.

"The difference today was finishing and a bit of quality. Norwich were a Premier League side last year and unfortunately we're lacking confidence.

"For 38 minutes today, we were competing with Norwich on almost the same level. But they scored and the pessimism that kicks in after we let a goal in is killing us.

"So much so that everyone has forgotten last year, which is a long time off.

"I'm not happy losing games and I'm not used to it. 860-odd games in my career so far tells me that I can turn this around.

"When I first came here, I gave no guarantee that I'd be able to keep this club up. The chairman wanted me to come whether we went down or not.

"He asked me to be the man to build the club and, with my experience, to get it back up."

Holloway is hopeful of getting bodies back from the treatment room over the coming weeks but Nicky Bailey went off at half time on his return from a calf injury.

"I was told Bailey is fit and I've watched him train over the past couple of weeks," said the Lions boss. "He's been absolutely excellent so I tried to give him that game today.

"It's the level – the difference between the U21s and the Championship is massive and that's the problem.

"I'm hopeful that one or two of our players will come back fit. Shaun Cummings, Stefan Maierhofer and Paris Cowan-Hall are meant to be training on Monday."

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      @LETEMCOME: JB/AA How much will it cost to be rid of him, can we start a fund to pay for him to f*** off from our club, I am sure he will be able to get work by Easter at Blackheath when Zippo's pitch there big top.

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    Sad excuses, a defeated man. If he thinks that harping on about last year will change anything he's more deluded than we already think

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