Holloway rules out Millwall return for Gillingham loanee

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IAN Holloway says it has already been decided that John Marquis will be leaving Millwall in the summer.

Marquis, who is on loan at Gillingham, has scored five goals in his last seven appearances in League One, prompting calls from fans to bring the 22-year-old back to The Den.

But the striker's contract will not be renewed when it expires in the summer, according to Holloway.

Marquis' recent form is reported to have attracted admiring glances from Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston and Sheffield United.

But Holloway, echoing the forward's recent comments to the Kent press, said: "We've had to make a decision and he didn't want to come back either – John felt his time was up here.

"The club should've loaned him out a couple of years ago to get him to this scenario."

In-form Fred Onyedinma, who has scored four goals since January for Wycombe, will also spend the remainder of the campaign out on loan.

But Holloway has big plans for the 18-year-old at Millwall.

"We're trying to produce players," added the Lions boss. "We're at such a high level that they need to go out on loan.

"Fred is good enough to play well in League Two and he's priming himself to play for us in the future.

"The last thing we needed was his replacement getting injured but [keeping him at Wycombe] is still the right thing to do.

"He's getting better and we'll have him back in the summer. We can't bring him back anyway because it was part of the Paris Cowan-Hall deal."

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33 thoughts on “Holloway rules out Millwall return for Gillingham loanee

  • February 20, 2015 at 11:35

    Well send Cowan Hall back as under the sale of goods act he was not fit for purpose.

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  • February 20, 2015 at 11:37

    Ollie you are a disgrace...

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    • February 20, 2015 at 11:47

      @SE17 Lion: How? Marquis doesn't want to stay and we haven't exactly helped push marquis prior to IH coming in. IH gave him the extension last year and pushed for him to go out as much since. Ollie has done well with him, it is prior management that have failed him. So I completely disagree with you, your just unhappy with the way things are right now, once again looking at the short term. I wonder if you were banging on how good Ollie was in the summer and when we started the season so well? Get behind the team and manager, things are changing and we are improving!

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      • February 23, 2015 at 20:54

        @whiteliont: Ollie has fooled us all ...the arguing in the dressing room earlier this season was playeres telling Ollie to keep things simple but Ollie got rid of the so called troublemakers they were made to look bad players when he is a p*** poor manager ...hes taking us down because his chopping and changing of the team has destroyed their confidence and hes doing it again with the new side players being shoe horned in and not playing to their potential...Ollie has to go for Millwalls sake

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    • February 20, 2015 at 19:06

      @SE17 Lion:
      And you are one very very thick c U n t

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      • February 23, 2015 at 15:37

        @82wall: Youre a double C U N T and stupid Ollie A R S E licker

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