Millwall boss: Huddersfield goal knocked stuffing out of us

© Edmund Boyden
© Edmund Boyden

IAN Holloway said Huddersfield's second goal "knocked the stuffing out of everybody" after Millwall slumped to a 3-1 home defeat. 

With the game tied at 1-1, David Forde allowed Jacob Butterfield's long-range strike to slip through his fingers to hand the ten-man Terriers the initiative.

Huddersfield, whose striker Nahki Wells had been shown a second yellow card after 51 minutes, then added a third goal from the penalty spot through James Vaughan.

Holloway was largely pleased with his side's efforts but admitted they badly went off the boil after Forde's error, although he did not blame his goalkeeper for the result.

He said: "David doesn't need to hold his hands up, he's a goalie and sometimes things happen. Where is the rest of the team to dig him out of the situation?

"Where was the rest of the team when Jimmy Abdou slipped over? How can you let Butterfield run with it and get a shot in? Any chance of blocking it?

"It's not just Fordey. Their player has run 25 yards after someone slipped, hit a shot that normally our 'keeper picks up, and it's bobbled in.

"It hit everybody – the players and the crowd. Sometimes bizarre things happen in football.

"We had a decent move going, I wanted Shaun Cummings to roll the ball down the channel for Lee Gregory but we went inside to Jimmy, who slipped, and we weren't set up.

"After the second goal, we've just got to come through it – stick to task and not become the scoreline. But we became the score when we went 2-1 down.

"It absolutely knocked the stuffing out of everybody. All the sense I was seeing before that, the new team and the work we've done, wasn't there anymore.

"When something goes wrong, the lads need to believe they can be the ones to make the difference and I didn't see that today unfortunately.

"It was a shock but we had long enough to sort things out after that and everything went totally wrong.

"That's how everyone will remember the game but it wasn't like that because there were lots of good things. We've made one or two wrong choices at the wrong time.

"We've got to keep going because there were some decent performances and we'll see who's ready to go against Birmingham on Tuesday.

"For the first goal, Mark Beevers has gone out to win the ball when he could have stayed with his man. We thought it was offside but it wasn't.

"Those things are knocking us but we need to keep the faith and believe in what we're doing.

"If we'd kept putting the ball in the right areas they would've cracked, not us. The players felt they had to win and became nervous.

"It feels horrendous because our fans have gone home gutted again."

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    You still here?

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    • February 7, 2015 at 22:27

      @WestKentLion: "It feels horrendous because our fans have gone home gutted again." Don't worry, there's still some who'll keep clapping you off no matter what shi.te you keep on serving up.

      For all those still in Holloway-denial, that's now just five wins out of twenty six home league games - or 25 points out of 78 under this manager.

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