Holloway has decided who doesn't have a future at Millwall

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IAN Holloway has told a handful of players in his squad that they won’t play for Millwall again.

The Lions boss sat down with his out-of-contract stars on Monday before training to explain who does and doesn't have a future at The Den.

And a small group have been told that they are free to move on – while another couple were encouraged to go out on loan.

Seven players have departed SE16 already this month, with six new recruits brought in to the replace them.

Scott McDonald, Jermaine Easter, Paul Robinson, Josh Wright and Stephen Bywater accepted contract settlements from the club to depart early.

Restructuring the squad is estimated to have cost chairman John Berylson in excess of £500,000 and Holloway will be given financial backing to make further changes.

Holloway has also informed certain players that they could win extensions to their deals if they impress in the final 19 games of the campaign.

"I've still got loads of things to do with a brand new group but I need to do it," Holloway said after Tuesday's 0-0 draw with Reading.

"They will buy into it because they all have something left [to prove] – some of them are still playing for a contract here.

"There are a few who can earn one and I saw that against Reading. I didn't see a nervousness because I've told others 'I'm not going to pick you again'.

"Hopefully the ones I've decided not to give contracts to, for all different reasons, will get sorted in a way that they deserve and we'll be able to move on and build a team.

"Did I want to do it? No. Am I paid to do it? Yes. I've made some decision and now that's that.

"Hopefully you will see the spirit in the squad build over the next few weeks because it's no good for anybody not knowing where their future is.

"There were far too many without a future here who didn't know whether they were staying or going.

"Hopefully we can help them move on and we can move on with a better spirit. I'm paid to stay calm and make some decisions.

"Our fans might look at them and say 'why's he doing that?' but I want to build something here and it's my job to sieve through the squad."

Meanwhile, winger Martyn Woolford is being linked with a move to Leeds United.

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  • January 29, 2015 at 09:01

    Wow I wonder who could be going?

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      @vonhardshaft: and who will be coming in?

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        @vonhardshaft: I felt happy for a minute I thought headline said Holloway has no future at Millwall.

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          @baz2262: Me too I wondered if he included himself on the list

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      @vonhardshaft: and who will be coming into the squad?

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    I can think of one candidate that fits that headline.

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