Criticism from stands will spur me on, insists Millwall boss

© Keith Gillard
© Keith Gillard

IAN Holloway says "no amount of stick" will deter him from his job at Millwall.

The Lions travel to Norwich City on Boxing Day having won just two of their last 17 games.

But Holloway has asked fans not to vent their frustrations at his players, insisting he should bear the brunt of the criticism for recent results.

The Millwall boss believes nerves and a jittery atmosphere played a part in Friday's defeat to Bolton, a result which extended the club's dire run of form at The Den.

"We all have to stick together and keep fighting," he said. "If our fans aren't happy with that, take it out on me. If the balance of the squad isn't right, take it out on me.

"What I've got at the minute isn't really working because the lads haven't been getting the right breaks at the right times.

"We should've had a penalty in our last game and their bloke should have been sent off – what more can we do about that? After that decision, the team didn't look the same.

"We dropped a bit and got a bit nervous. We showed a few signs of pressure and we can't allow that pressure to get too much for them. So aim it at me, don't shout at my players.

"The stats speak for themselves over the last few seasons – we haven't been able to win at home. We've won three at home this season and six last year.

"It's upsetting but that is where we are. Without goals in your team, you are going to lose confidence. And when you lose confidence, who's going to be there for you?

"Is it the crowd, the manager or everyone together?"

Holloway accepts that criticism is inevitable when results aren't going well but hopes to take his players out of the firing line.

He added: "If anybody wants to say 'he ain't no good this Holloway', that's fine, no problem. Say what you like but please don't take it out on my players.

"I've never had a situation like this before but put my record up against anyone else's and see if that makes me a bad manager.

"People are entitled to their opinions but I know what I am going to create here in the long-term. And no amount of stick is going to affect what I do, it'll make me more determined.

"But if the players can't handle what is being shouted at them, and it affects them during games, why shout it? Why shout it if it's not helping?

"The vast majority of the crowd are absolutely brilliant and I love it here, but there are one or two who scream abuse when it isn't necessary.

"Sometimes it's harder because of the criticism, which seems to affect people. Would it have affected me when I was a player? Truthfully I don't think so.

"I got more than enough abuse when I played against Millwall and I got plenty of stick from my own fans at QPR. You have to be a certain type of character to deal with that.

"Hopefully we can find those characters in January."

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  • December 24, 2014 at 09:13

    It's your fault Fuller's s***?

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  • December 24, 2014 at 09:14

    Off with the Mrs to Norwich for the Boxing Day game and I expect a bundle more effort and spirit from Olly's team than shown in recent games. The Millwall way is you give 100% or the crowd get at you. That's the deal. It's all very well for Holloway to say blame me Indeed his continuing tinkering with the team and tactics has contributed to many of our defeats but many players don't show enough fight.

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