Millwall boss surprised by "lack of belief" against Ipswich

© Keith Gillard
© Keith Gillard

IAN Holloway said he was "surprised" by the lack of belief shown by Millwall's players against Ipswich Town on Saturday.

The Lions lost 2-0 at Portman Road and rarely threatened after David McGoldrick broke the deadlock 60 seconds before half time.

Holloway felt his side lost their "energy, belief and coordination" in the second period, when Daryl Murphy doubled the host's advantage.

Millwall had been the better team and created the better chances prior to falling behind, so Holloway was frustrated by their lack of a response.

He said: "It didn't look like our team in the second half.

"When a goal goes in it's like getting shot and it looked like a fatal wound. I'm surprised at that because we need people to stand up, get going and have some confidence.

"Maybe the break didn't help us but ever since I've been here we've grown in self-belief. Even if you do get beat, you never show that and you keep going.

"Today we didn't do that.

"It all broke down for us too easily in the second half – their shape was strong and they looked determined but we didn't pass and move with the conviction we needed to."

Jermaine Easter came closest to scoring for the Lions when his shot hit the underside of the bar in the eighth minute.

"We had a lot of the ball, we tried to move it but maybe we weren't fluent enough and didn't have enough movement," Holloway added.

"We created two great opportunities – at Fulham we created one and took it, which got us a great result, but we didn't take our chances and they counter-attacked us.

"If that had gone in from Easter [it would have been different]. That's probably why Ipswich were offered so much money for McGoldrick because he had one chance and scored.

"We should have scored, we didn't and then one ball over the top leads to a goal. They won the flick, McGoldrick got hold of it, joined the play quicker than my lot and scored.

"But how dare he outrun us? How dare we get out-run by any other person wearing a different colour shirt? That's how simple it is, so yes I'm disappointed.

"Does that normally happen? No, and we've got to put that right. Goals change games so enormously at this level that you would not believe it.

"The second goal was absolutely vital in this game and it came from our totally useless set-piece from our point of view.

"Someone's got a free foot on it and we needed that, but we didn't look like getting it. That's what upsets me.

"We've got to get strong. We've got a long way to go. Everybody was excited and now they're not. We'll dust ourselves down and have a go against Reading.

"I'm going to be one point short of what I wanted because I asked the lads for seven points from the next nine. We've got to win these next two to get six now.

"They've let me down – but not badly though, because the best team won. Ipswich stuck to their task better than we did.

"Who looked more likely to get the third goal? It certainly wasn't us."

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53 thoughts on “Millwall boss surprised by "lack of belief" against Ipswich

  • September 13, 2014 at 19:39

    If there is no one to put the ball in the onion bag belief will disappear very quickly.This issue is going to dog us all season unless it is addressed,we have had all pre season to sort this but have dithered and opted to try and do something on the cheap.I know we don't have a huge budget but goalscorers convert good football into goals,without it points are gonna be hard to come by.It's frustrating for us and probably even worse for the players.

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    • September 13, 2014 at 23:38

      @norris: If all we are going to sign is 30 odd year olds on short contracts up front,look to the development sqaud.We have a proven goal scorer.BRING BACK HARRIS!!!!

      Like (10)
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    • September 14, 2014 at 19:40

      There was no belief yesterday at all, dunne struggled all afternoon and our so called forwards were absolute s..t, bring back Morrison.

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  • September 13, 2014 at 19:40

    "Goals change games so enormously at this level that you would not believe it"

    No s%^t Ollie !!!!!! then why haven't we got ONE decent striker at the club? A genuine 15/20 goal a season type player? If Gregory wasn't the answer why pay quarter of a million on him? Easter can't hit the target unless it's July and pre season, Fulller and Rengei aren't going to to score you goals so it's either left to the midfield or we draw blanks like we did today and against Rotherham.

    We've had three wins all against teams that are going to struggle, we fail to beat and score against Rotherham and Ipswich, the signs aren't good,

    Of the four games I've been to this season I've yet to be convinced with the style of football that we are trying to play simply because we don't have the players to carry our that way of playing.

    Martin is a big loss for the next few weeks and the two games coming up look very tough, though we know the Lions always rise to a challenge.

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    • September 14, 2014 at 23:24

      @North London Lion: you go to just 4 games ..then you wonder why we cant buy a goalscorer

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