Exclusive: Millwall's Great Escape inspired by lucky goldfish


MILLWALL'S Great Escape was inspired by a lucky goldfish.

The fish was "watching over" Alan Dunne and David Forde as the Lions avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

Ian Holloway's side have not lost a game since life-long supporter Tommy Pratt, who is close friends with Dunne and Forde, bought the fish at the beginning of April.

Tommy, whose company Southwark Metals have a box at The Den, was inspired to get his new pet after meeting celebrity therapists The Speakmans.

"I had a very bad fear of flying," Tommy told the Southwark News.

"The Speakmans showed me a film about a girl who'd fallen in the sea and had an irrational fear of fish – she couldn't go near a fish and chip shop. It made me understand my fear.

"Dunney and Fordey asked me how I got on, so I replied: 'may the fish be with you'. They thought I'd been put into a trance!

"The next day, we got a goldfish – and since then, before every game, I have been texting Dunney and Fordey saying 'may the fish be with you'.

"Gary Alexander was also texting the boys the same thing – and so was Greg Wallace from MasterChef because he's a big Millwall fan too."

Dunne said: "The fish has been everywhere with us – it came out to dinner a few weeks ago.

"It became funnier and funnier after every game because we were still unbeaten and the fish was still alive and going strong.

"The fish has been our lucky mascot."

Tommy has revealed that Martyn Woolford's stoppage-time equaliser against Watford last month was down to the magic fish.

"We were 2-1 down – it was the only game I've missed this season – but we were singing to the fish, willing us to score a goal and then we equalised!" he said.

"It gets put by the TV at home and it flies around its bowl during the games."

But Tommy had to resuscitate the Lions' gilled good-luck charm when the fish diced with death.

"The fish was on its back, laying on top of the water," he said. "I got it out of the bowl, blew in its face and within 15 minutes it was swimming around as normal.

"We were bricking it because we thought the fish had died."

"The fish came back to life," added Dunne. "Tommy didn't tell me about that incident until we were safe because he didn't want to worry me."

Millwall beat Bournemouth last weekend to stay in the Championship.

"Everyone would have thought we were raving mad if we'd come out with this eight games ago, but something has definitely worked," added Tommy.

"Whether it was the fish or Dunney and Fordey's pure Millwall blood, who knows? They were fighting in the trenches and the fish was watching over them."

Asked about the lucky fish, manager Holloway joked: "Maybe we should get some Koi carp for the training ground!"

Alan Dunne
Dunne with 11-year-old Dylan Pratt and the lucky goldfish

Alex Aldridge


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