Blackburn winger expects frosty reception from Millwall fans

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WINGER Chris Taylor expects to receive a bit of stick from Millwall fans when he faces his former club for the first time on Saturday.

Taylor, 26, joined Blackburn Rovers last summer after talks to extend his contract with the Lions broke down in the wake of Kenny Jackett's resignation.

Steve Lomas' side travel to Ewood Park, where they won twice last season, this weekend, and Taylor is braced for a frosty reception from the away end.

"It is normal to get a bit of stick when you play against a former cub - I'd be surprised if I didn't get any," he said. "That's just the way it goes.

"I expect stick during the 90 minutes because there'll be no love lost during the game.

"I was only at Millwall for one season but I really enjoyed my time there and was always looking to stay, which for one reason or another didn't happen.

"I've got nothing but good memories of the club - the fans, players and staff were brilliant with me. I always look out for Millwall's results."

Taylor has only just forced his way into the Rovers side after being mainly used off the bench in the first four months of the campaign.

"It was quite frustrating at the start, making the odd sub appearance here and there, but hopefully now I've found a slot in the team and I can stay there," he said.

"We've picked up some really good results at home and we fancy our chances against anyone at Ewood Park, but as I know 80 percent of the lads, I won't be underestimating Millwall."


  1. NO1LIKESUS says:

    Taylor, schmaylor. Who cares?


  2. Martyn woolford has come in this season and been outstanding on the left, played regularly and is not a sick note, so don't flatter yourself mr Taylor, you have not been missed!


  3. Is there any news involving Millwall today on NAD, as the artical that has been published will be of a lot of interest to many of this sites readers, as this will help to keep them abreast of all that is happening at Blackburn Rovers before the match this Saturday.


  4. TheBermondseyBomber says:

    He says he wanted to stay but KJ went and AA is incompetent!! regardless of Woolford's form I'd still like us to have Taylor because he is quality and we have very limited width right now!!


  5. dobbers22 says:

    For me, our season could of panned out completely different if Taylor had stayed. In the absence of any other true winger being healthy he almost certainly would of started the season on the left side of the 4-4-2 instead of Chaplow against Yeovil. I like Chaplow but he is not a winger. Taylor might have offered more creativity in that game, maybe we score, and maybe we win. Even after that against Ipswich Lowry & Chaplow were terrible on the left, Lowry and Taylor might have been different as they combined well last season. A win and a draw out of those 2 games and maybe we wouldn't have fallen into the massive rut we did!


    • @dobbers22: Maybe this, maybe that... all hypothetical nonsense!!

      MAYBE we might have won the Premier League league IF we had kept hold of Teddy Sheringham for the rest of his career with Tim Cahill and Steven Reid in midfield... or MAYBE qualified for Champions League at the expense of Crewe Alexandra who POSSIBLY could have got there IF they kept all their bright stars.... If, Possibly, Maybe's are all nonsense!


      • dobbers22 says:

        @Bradders: Its called a point of view and I thought I was allowed to express it, if I said we would definitely be top of the league if we kept him you would slaughter me.

        Can't f****** Win


        • @dobbers22: Trust me, I wouldn't slaughter you as it's a bit of positivity which is rare on this site!! but if, but's and maybe's are complete nonsense.... if we had kept hold of Rio Ferdinand when he was a schoolboy and not let him go to West Spam.... if we kept hold of Jobi MacAnuff when he was a lad.... it's all in the past so no point looking back on what could have been because it's all hypothetical crap!


          • dobbers22 says:

            @Bradders: Please see revised post:

            For me, our season WOULD OF panned out completely different if Taylor had stayed. In the absence of any other true winger being healthy he WOULD OF started the season on the left side of the 4-4-2 instead of Chaplow against Yeovil. I like Chaplow but he is not a winger. Taylor WOULD have offered more creativity in that game, WE WOULD HAVE SCORED AND WON, and THEN GOT A POINT against Ipswich. Lowry & Chaplow were terrible on the left IN THAT GAME, Lowry and Taylor WOULD have been different as they combined well last season. A win and a draw out of those 2 games WOULD HAVE BROUGHT MORE POSITIVE RESULTS IN THE GAMES SINCE.


          • @Bradders: Dobbers how can you prove that he/we would have scored more??? Still Hypothetical nonsense mate!!


          • dobbers22 says:

            @Bradders: So you have never heard anyone say "can you imagine if we had won that game?" or anything like that? Or you have heard but always bit their head off?


  6. Micky Lions says:

    Wanted to stay my a***. I'd respect him more if he was honest and said he was offered more money at a richer club. He was going nowhere at Oldham and we gave him a chance, which he exploited and then buggered off at the first opportunity.


  7. steveomfc5 says:

    sounds like someones trying to soften the blow lol. he's blatantly crapping himself at the amount of abuse he's going to receive looool sorry mate but you made ya decisions , the B.S ain't doing you any favors take the stick like a man as well as the 2-1 loss MIIIIIIIIIIIL


  8. wappinglion says:

    Another good player who the club let through the net. No hard feelings towards Taylor as always performed. Its a shame the club cant get its act together before losing these players - just another example of poor admin


    • @wappinglion: That poor bloke/girl who works in admin at Millwall, she gets the blame for us not signing all these good players haha.

      We don't know what happened behind closed doors so no point trying to second guess, maybe we only offered him another 1 year deal, yet Blackburn offered him a 2 year deal or possibly he was offered extortionate money at b'burn.... who knows, don't care as isn't our player anymore!!


    • TheBermondseyBomber says:

      @wappinglion: Or a shyte chief exec!!


  9. TONY BLOCK28 says:

    hated taylor at the wall, he would do one good thing then go missing for half an hour, spent more time pulling his shorts down, glad he's at rovers, with him in their side we might get a result. ginger t*****.


    • The Humble One says:

      @TONY BLOCK28:
      That is absolute nonsense. Whatever the rights and wrongs of his naffing off the bloke put in a shift every game getting stuck in, closing people down, tracking back and generally working his a*** off. He was also, as it happens, a far better left winger than we have had on our books (as opposed to on loan) for many a year.


  10. Lincolnshire Lion says:

    He was a good player for us and given the choice would have signed him but he chose to leave and will get what's coming to him.


  11. BLOOD NUT!


  12. Roaring Lions says:

    Don't see why we would give him stick as we're the f****** idiots for not renewing his contract?

    Good 'Wall' type player we let slip through our fingers!!!


  13. He done nothing wrong , doesn't deserve any stick at all. Always worked hard etc etc.


  14. With all these ifs and buts going around,i only have one.IF ONLY OUR DEFENDERS WOULD JUMP AND AND ATTACK CROSSES COMING INTO OUR BOX AND NOT GIVE OPPOSING FORWARDS FREE HEADERS THAT SCORE please mr lomas as a i am a big supporter of you please get this sorted.
    saying that best of luck to the team this afternoon .


  15. bordersarebest0170 says:

    good post's jim, & block 8. unlike some of the abusive crap written on here


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